173 ~ Drive

Yellow light
Red light
Green light

Stop signs
Curve signs
Merge signs

On this rocky road relationship
The windy track will let you know
That signs are very necessary
For when to take it slow

But love, if you were a taxi
Then for you I will not hail
Your driving skills are reckless
And destinations always fail

You do not observe speed bumps
Or care for pedestrians on the road
Have no idea where you’re going
Or knowledge of zip codes

So I will take the driver’s seat
At least I know the path
For if I let you take the wheel
My heart will burn out fast



27 thoughts on “173 ~ Drive

  1. mixed signals
    my first crush
    at summer camp
    I was 11
    she was 14
    I was invisible
    on her t-shirt:
    I may turn red
    but don’t stop

  2. Yeah – there’s nothing like feeling you’re a passenger in a relationship where the driver is quite crazy or downright irresponsible – I know that feeling well! 😦

    It’s good your driving now! 😉

  3. Bad drivers….lol. Fun poem too! And you look amazing as usual. Just need to say that every now and then….

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