172 ~ In Vain

I can write you a thousand letters
Drain the world of all its’ ink
Cut down forests to make these papers
And you wouldn’t even blink

I can build you a lasting monument
For others to stand and stare in awe
But that wouldn’t matter much to you
No, not one bit at all

I can shout your name from roof tops
Put on the most spectacular show
Declare to the world how much I love you
But your face wouldn’t even glow

I can say and do almost anything
Just so you can physically see
How none of it matters at all to you
When you mean so much to me


Monrovia Canyon Watershed

*Went on a new hiking trail in Monrovia today. It was a short and easy hike, but Lord have mercy that place was gorgeous! Too many photos to upload and I have to get ready for a coffee/tea meet early in the morning tomorrow, so poetry and one photo for now. Hope you all had a lovely day.

Much Love,

23 thoughts on “172 ~ In Vain

  1. This is an interesting verse.

    Indeed, when you think of the question posed in the last line,

    ” How none of it matters at all to you
    When you mean so much to me.”

    what does this show up to you as. A meaningful relationship has to be, by its very nature a two way street. If, as you speculate, it remains completely one-way, can you call this vanity? What could it really mean?


    • It can definitely mean vanity when singled out. To do extravagant things, to show off in order to impress someone in hopes that they will notice you. The poem as a whole though, follows the saying that love should be shown and not just spoken. Though in the end, all of it was for naught as all these actions just proved how invisible someone’s love can be to another, even if the whole world can see it.

  2. Buying a house waterfall for right beside my bed. The sound tends to soothe my chronic pain! Great Blog! Love it!

  3. This is really quite sad Britt! 😦 There is always someone in this world, or maybe more than one, who will never see what they have ever meant to us, sad but true.

    But maybe – unknowingly, I may have made someone feel like that, in fact I’m sure I have, when I was 17, and he was 25. He had a terrible accident, caused a lot brain damage, and effected his memory to the point that even conversation was very difficult. I think I was his only hope at the time, a possible girlfriend for him, but I was so young, frightened by his state of health, I really couldn’t cope at that age with something so big. But I often think of him now, makes me feel quite sad if I think too much about it. 😦 I know it’s not what you are meaning here in this poem, but it just struck me, that that kind of situation happens for many, in lots of different ways.

    I probably need to write about it, get some poetry therapy on it!! πŸ™‚

    • I would like my readers to take whatever it is they feel from my writing, or whatever memories, thoughts or ideas it may conjure up. πŸ™‚

      That is such a sad story Suzy, but it is understandable that with your age, you would have reacted the way you did.

      My poetry therapy has ended. I have written all I could have said about this old situation, though I am just now posting it when the feelings are no longer present.

  4. He is stupid if he doesn’t see the treasure he has in you, Britt! What’s wrong with these guys of ours? Geez…

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