166 ~ Sick Day

So Jp and I decided to use up our last bit of sick day to call out before our benefits for sick days and vacation restarted. So guess what we decided to do?

St Hike
I’ll give you a hint:


Annual Pass, new hiking shoes and sunblock. 😉

If you guessed we finally hiked Sturtevant Falls than you are correct! We woke up at 5:30 and got there with a darn good parking spot this time. 😀

Trail was still pretty simple. I want to work up to go to Bridge to Nowhere – it’s like a 7 hour hike depending on how many stops you take and the pace you keep. I’m sure I can suffice, but it’s not me that I’m worried about for that trip.

I took about 58-ish photos, but I won’t swarm this post with them. I’ll liter them throughout the week. 😛


The waterfall was seriously lacking this season, and Jp randomly took this one of me.


When I got back home from the hike, I received this via text:


How can I be sad when there are so much beautiful and kind moments in this world? I am a little but I won’t talk about it here. Too much stuff going on and my heart is taking awhile to adjust to certain situations.

I hope you all are having a lovely day.


22 thoughts on “166 ~ Sick Day

      • Oh welcome to my world honey!! I’ve gotten better at seeing people exactly as they are, so I’m a little more blunt and direct than I maybe was a year ago, and I’ve always been incredibly intuitive, which helps. We live and we learn, but some days the learning is painful. I hope you’ll be feeling better on this level real soon. *Hugs*

          • It’s something you’re either born with or it’s something you train yourself to do. Not everyone is going to ace it every single day. Just being more aware helps.

              • I know a lot of people that only want to see the best in people, as opposed to seeing people exactly as they are. It frustrates me, because they continually put themselves through heartache and unnecessary pain by doing so. The core of who you are doesn’t change, really. To change yourself in such a manner is harsh. At the core of who I am, I’ve always seen people for exactly what they are, so I think that’s just been a slight leg up for me in life at times. I’m not a soft, sweet person known for extraordinary compassion, which is why when I am softer, it’s genuine. We’re all different for a reason, because everyone being the same would make for an extremely boring world in which to live. Don’t be hard on yourself about this, just try to be more aware and less open to those that have shown you a side of themselves that does not mesh with how you want to be treated. Some people would recommend books on mindfulness, whereas I will recommend books on utilizing your intuition.

  1. I hope you get that smile back soon. Out with the bad people who let you down and in with those who love you unconditionally! Looks like you had a beautiful day!

    • It will happen some day, but being super sensitive and selective as I am, it is hard. Some days I hate being me and how caring I can get to people perhaps undeserving but it is what it is, and I need to forget about that and appreciate those that do love me unconditionally, thank you. It was a beautiful, sunny day ♥

  2. I’ve seen The Bridge To Nowhere on You Tube – strange that they stopped building the road. It seems that people like bungee jumping of the edge – are you and JP going to give it a go!!!? 😆

    I hope you get this comment, I’m having severe difficulties making comments on a lot of blogs, it keeps asking me to log in – BUT I AM!!! 😯 I can’t seem to make a comment on my own now, and some other blogs won’t connect and sometimes neither will mine!
    Have you had any problems like this?
    If it gets much worse I might have to take a little break from blogging and wait for all the problems to settle down. The internet is a weird place sometimes, great as long as everything works like clockwork! 🙂

    • I haven’t seen the videos yet, and had no idea of the bungee jumping thing – but noooo, definitely not doing that Suzy! And both your comments appeared in my spammy box. Hmm.

      Haven’t run across this problem yet, but that’s terribly annoying 😦

  3. Sending you a big hug. I get the whole feeling sad when people let you down. I’m sorry that they are doing that! I’m glad you have JP to make you smile. I love the text picture! you know you can email me if you ever need to talk ♥♥♥

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