20 thoughts on “162 ~ To Stand in the Light

      • Yeah quite a nice one too. Not being religious in the slightest I find it odd that I am about to quote a prayer lol, but there is a prayer called the prayer of st francis of assisi and it has in it the lines “O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
        to be understood as to understand;
        to be loved as to love”
        Always liked that 🙂

  1. Not only is the light concentration on the person powerful, but the fact all facial features are obliterated makes this shot especially great. ANY-one could be that person…in the light…and maybe the light blurs the lines between separate life forms…and is just how it should be…Life–without pronoun of possession.

    or something!! 😉

  2. Mm… very interesting quote! And I think it’s very true, if someone thinks of something enlightening, problems can seem so small, as if the dark areas of their mind have become insignificant – flooded with light perhaps? And the same goes for sharing something with someone, maybe something they needed to hear, lights them up all over!! 😀 And of course, actual bright sunlight really does do that!

    I love the way you are glowing like an angel – or possibly could be aliens. Is there something you haven’t told us about your trip yet!!!? 😉

    • I can see the quote from many angles. Such simple words can have different effects on people 😀

      It was a short and uneventful trip (minus all the gorgeous photos I took!). But I think UFO’s prefer to come out at night… and there is no way I’m doing a night hike!

  3. yesterday
    the river trail
    two butterflies
    caressing the sky
    golden waves
    salty citrus

And the wind whispers...

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