20 thoughts on “160 ~ Mountain Sound

  1. Great band, great album (My Head is an Animal). I saw them at the Newport Folk fest last year – awesome show. Didn’t get tickets for the show in time this year :(. I like the pic.

    • The rock was HUGE! Puts things into perspective just looking at the photo for me. How things in my life seem so trivial, how I can be so insignificant in the playground of nature and life.

  2. I was thinking it looked like a giant tortoise, but it could also be turtle!! 😆
    I guess it’s a giant rock, good it didn’t move while you were standing there! It’s funny how giant rocks end up in the most inconvenient places – like covering a pathway or a rail track even! 😀

    I love the song, I’ve not heard it before, but it sounds good!♥

    • I didn’t see it that way until Goldfish and you pointed it out! You two have quite the imagination 😉

      And yes, it’s like an obstacle in the path of life. And the song seemed fitting for what I was going through emotionally 😀

  3. I know the song well now, listened again mainly because of you….great album really. But the rock pic is funny….

And the wind whispers...

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