150 ~ Eaton Canyon

I did not like Eaton Canyon. It was not that scenic, easy, short, and way too popular for how crappy the trail was. Also, the stupid website says they’re open from Sunrise to Sunset. We got there at 6:45 a.m. and the sign on the gate said it doesn’t open until 7:30 and closes at 7 pm. -_- You couldn’t put that on the website? So we parked on the street and walked our way down.

061Jp likes this photo, so I’m posting this for her ♥

The trail gets confusing and the markers don’t help. We were following some folks who looked like they’d been there before and were going to cross a bridge and go straight up until I realized that on Yelp, a person posted a picture of them UNDER the bridge. So we doubled back and went the proper way. The people who were ahead of us followed. But never let me lead the pack because I will want to cross every dangerous fallen tree, even if there’s an easier way to get across, hahahaha.


We got to the waterfall and I knew it was going to be disappointing, but I had no idea it was going to be so packed!

JpI tried to do bunny ears on Jp but failed 😦


SimeonMy brother’s Samsung Note takes friggin awesome high rez photos. Love it!

People are reckless and retarded. On a side note, people do die here or injure themselves. There are different trails to take and yes, some are dangerous, like the path to get above this waterfall. Not sure what happened today, but a helicopter had to air lift someone.


Yeah, I’m not doing this trail again. But at least I got some nice sky shots after we passed under the bridge. More on that tomorrow. I’ll be doing a sky series ♥

15 thoughts on “150 ~ Eaton Canyon

  1. Bummer…some places get promoted online with no real good reason. There’s a place here called Rincon de la vieja, a park w volcano, and what are called “mud baths” on a travel site. It was more like a mudddy parking lot during wet season, and young kids spread the filth on visitors for $1. But, it has nothing but high recommendations, despite having fewer monkeys and other wildlife than the lot next to my apartment. Weird. If you can’t trust the internet…
    On my Way…

    • I guess it’s because this place is free, and it promotes Mount Wilson which is one of the break off trails and popular due to all the TV antennas you hear about it on all the weather channels. The waterfall is usually gorgeous from the photos I’ve seen, but is lacking this season which is reasonable. But there’s so many people during the off season and poop on the trails from dogs and horses that it’s not even worth a second hike. Sucks about Rincon de la vieja. It sounded promising :/

  2. that log crossing looked fun–I would have gone that way, too–and the falls remind me of our pop spot 7 Falls come this time of year. Every yahoo and their ma is out there, but what can you do? Other than bring a BB gun, I mean…


    ‘Love that helicopter and out shot.

  3. Uhmm why do you have to be so tiny? I look huge next to you.

    Don’t worry the next hike will be awesome. Lets just hope I don’t pass out 🙂

  4. You look quite happy for someone who didn’t like it! 🙂 Obviously not quite what you were expecting. And that waterfall does look very crowded. Were you hoping to have it to yourselves for a little while? I love the quality of those photos! Is a Samsung Note a phone?

    And you and your dangerous fallen tree thingy!!! 😆 I think I would have twisted my ankle on that in a few seconds!

    • I find I’m happiest when surrounded by nature 😀 And yes, since we were up so early, I thought I could have a little peace once I got there. Most of the photos were taken with Jp’s camera. It’s a simple click and shoot with 14.1 megapixels. Not sure about the Samsung Note, but yes, it’s a phone and it takes photos comparable to that of the camera if not brighter. 😀

      I took my time ^_^… and it’s an awesome work out for your core and balance!

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