29 thoughts on “149 ~ Blue

  1. Is this where you are walking? The third one does not even look like it is real, as if a fantasy place from a disney film or something

    • Yup in Eaton Canyon on Saturday. Taken around 8 a.m. I think when the sun was rising above the mountains and the sky was so blue! Eaton may have sucked but it sure was worth it to get these shots. Such an amazing and beautiful way to begin the day 😀

      And I thought the same thing about photo #3. So unreal!

  2. Aaahh – a lovely poem, I love that!!!♥

    And those blue sky pictures! Wow wonderful blue! 😀 I get quite addicted to blue sky pictures – I like to paint them too, although not at the moment, still no time for painting with all this blogging!

And the wind whispers...

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