147 ~ Free Rider

I’ll lace these boots up tightly
Tread rivers and trees I see
Take in the air and sunrise
Every flower, every bee

I’ll pen my life into poetry
Mixing ink with dirt and debris
My paw prints brand these pages
Sweat droplets fall in threes

I’ll photograph this journey
Every bruise, every skinned knee
Write my body into paragraphs
Each scar from A-Z

I’ll take roads I’ve never traveled
Forsake love, in order to be free
Follow the echo mountain call
To release the free rider in me



*Inspired by John and his Zed the Free Rider series. β™₯

25 thoughts on “147 ~ Free Rider

  1. Dear Britt, these lovely words are a poem that is true for both of us…but we should not, and especially you, especially you, should not forego love…so anyway, this is a kind and lovely poem….thank you so much! “And mixing ink with debris….”and the photograph stanza, well, what can I say! xx

    • I’m happiest in nature without love by my side πŸ™‚ This journey is for me, and whatever I discover about myself moving forward… well, it’ll be written here. Though there will be a few more poems about love or lack thereof sprinkled about.

      I went back and read all the Zed entries a few days ago and with your recently made award, this was my way of saying, “thank you.”

  2. Wonderful mix of image and words. I should try and become literate…give me something to put up with the photographs. But, I think my photographer mentality is always itching to speak through images, and if they don’t make an impact on their own I feel like I failed. I’ll leave the poetry to people who can leave an impact with that sort of thing…people like you !
    On my Way…

  3. Jaw-droppingly Amazing! Its crazy how just being in nature can clear the mind and rejuvenate the spirit, I try and take extended nature adventures as often as I can.

    • I had forgotten just how much I loved hiking and being in the great outdoors. Fresh air to clear the mind, feeling the blood pumping through my veins… it has been one amazing weekend, one after another. I hope I can continue to go every week because it’s been such a wonderful and enlightening experience.

  4. As always…incredible!! You choice of word phrasings are inspired. I love being surrounded my nature as well xoxo

    • Thank you, my twin β™₯ This is where I’m at the peak of happiness. There’s just something about hiking that tugs at my heart and soul, and I love it more than anything right now πŸ˜€ xoxo

  5. I love this one!!β™₯ That’s such a positive and defiant poem – and sounds so right for where you are at the moment. Take time with yourself is the answer, and everything else will come along when it’s meant to, and you’ll be ready to enjoy it!

    I love that picture of you sitting on your little mountain top – you’ve conquered it all! πŸ˜€

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