143 ~ Garcia Trail


The drive to Garcia Trail was beautiful.



Jp’s brother and I.

Someone had to be rescued on a stretcher when we got close to the top.
Almost there 😀 Not sure who homeboy was, but :/

036The path where it diverges. We decided not to take the fire trail today.

And the iconic cross at the top. I hate all the graffiti!

I love, love this trail! Like natures elliptical/work out machine, but I was bummed it was only 3 miles. It’ll prepare us for Los Liones next weekend though! It’ll pretty much be the same uphill scenario but longer. ^_^

So far the listing goes:

1) Switzer with Art
2) Switzer with Jp and friends
3) Sturtevant Falls
4) Monrovia Canyon
5) Bridge to Nowhere
6) Eaton Canyon
7) Garcia Trail
8) Los Liones to Parker Mesa (coming soon!)

I would like to add the Devil’s Punchbowl, Inspiration Point, and the Grotto to the list for Southern California. I’ve got a separate list for out of the state. 😀

21 thoughts on “143 ~ Garcia Trail

  1. Nice challenging list. I usually hike in Massachusetts. It’s rockier, and I’m a total klutz, so I’ll probably have to give that up soon. I’ll find something else to challenge me though.

      • I realize that.
        I’m not the outdoorsy type. The thought of intentionally doing any one thing outside for an entire day makes my skin crawl. Being accident prone stretches to every aspect of my life though. You should see me in the kitchen, it’s occasionally scary. For me, not for the food. LOL.

        • I need to get outside, being indoors all day with my own thoughts could drive me insane! So fresh air and exercise is a good release for me. Also, LOL at the thought of you being accident prone in the kitchen. Good thing I am still able to navigate my kitchen and knives or I’d starve for sure. 😀

  2. Elliptical workout machine hey? I think I would rather take a beating….but well, everyone to her own!

  3. I like the one with you meditating on your rock – with your wings!!! 😀 Do you know what happened to the person rescued? I bet everyone was extra careful after seeing that, not the best place to injure yourself!

    • I was hoping someone would notice the wings. I picked the shirt out intentionally since I knew the cross would be up there, but the meditating rock was a much better shot since the cross was incredibly tagged up. I wish I came up there when they repainted it white.

      Not sure what happened to the injured individual, but it’s an incredibly narrow path so I wasn’t surprised. EVERYONE should be careful, no matter what trail they take. Someone was injured and had to be airlifted during my last hike at Eaton too. *smh*

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