142 ~ Sunday Fun Day

20130811_123824Cake Decorating Class! ♥


So the morning started with my bestie making breakfast, yum!


Then cake decorating class at Saute, taught by chef Julie (she is AWESOME), with Jp’s friends Sandy and Hanh. Photo is from Hanh’s Instagram.


Followed by Jennifer’s going away bowling extravaganza. I hate bowling and I suck at it. I bowl better when I’m drunk, lol. I’m sure if I were, I’d actually hit one of the pins. -_-


Then J’s farewell dinner at T.G.I. Friday’s with 12 other people. Jp’s drink is in blue (I forgot what it was called). I, of course, had the beer. 😉


All in all, a really fun and busy day. ~ xoxo

26 thoughts on “142 ~ Sunday Fun Day

  1. what a yummy post! That cake looks “cake boss” delicious, and the waffles! Those are a favorite, and who doesn’t love to bowl. I once got a turkey!! (3 strikes inna row) so…gobble gobble!! 😉

  2. The cake decorating class looks fun, did you go on a course, or was it just a one off thing? The blue drink looks interesting – what flavour – minty blueberry with a dash of vodka!!!? 😀

    • I was asked to go by Jp. Her and her friends got a deal on the tickets and one person backed out of the four, so I took her spot. It was a 3 hour class, one time.

      As for the drink, it was like a spiked lemonade. But you could really taste the liquor in it so I was not a fan.

  3. OK so I will have the breakfast and a slice of cake for after! they both look amazing! The blue drink however looks a little like antifreeze which I don’t fancy drinking…….

    • Sometimes it’s good to be busy, otherwise the day drags. But I understand when it gets ridiculously hectic, then that really sucks. Sorry to hear it was so crazy and I hope your “blah” goes away.

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