141 ~ Sound Off

When the music touches your soul
How can one truly get free
From lyrics and sounds that speak
So beautifully in harmony

Reaching down your clavicle
The echoes reverberate in your spine
Climbing ladder cases of rib cages
To reach your heart and mine

They’ll break through bones
Muscles and tissues tear on whim
Nothing can stop the sound waves from raging
Erupting the soul from within

I got the eye of the tiger, the fire, dancing through the fire

2013-07-15 19.31Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar

 Upgraded to anthem song of the year status. ♥

28 thoughts on “141 ~ Sound Off

    Loved this!!!
    Seen your blog of Lisa’s blog, (Moon see;s all) and I am glad I did..


  2. What a fun post – a little bit of everything, and every bit a joy. Thirteen nominations from Ajaytao2010…you’re going to be busy accepting all those !
    Always look forward to your posts.
    On my Way…

  3. This is wonderful Britt!!! 😀 I totally agree, erupting the soul within! Music is like oxygen to me – can’t live a day without it! And that song is ♥♥amazing♥♥ – I love it so much I might share it to my Tumbr blog as a music track! It’s got so much energy in it, and such positivity, I’ll be singing it all week now! 😆

    • I agree completely with your sentiments on music. This song just made me feel so alive, and I was blasting it and singing along to it a couple of days ago in my car, lol! Some days writing isn’t enough, so I’ll put the pen down, pick up my sword and fight the sadness that comes creeping every so often. This song echoing on the battleground ♥

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