140 ~ What’s Cooking Wednesday :D

20130812_155831Curry Tuna with Lemon Pepper Cajun Quinoa and Veggies ♥


So I was in a tuna mood the other day and decided to try a new recipe. This one called for some strange ingredients I normally do not think of when it comes to mixing things, but it was delicious! I got the recipe here: Barbie’s Tuna Salad Recipe. I just omitted the dry dill weed since I didn’t have it on hand and too lazy to leave the house for it. I also added more tuna since I used two 5 oz cans instead of one 7 oz like the recipe calls for, which is why mine made 6 servings instead of 4.


I paired it with some vegetables and quinoa I threw together. All the ingredients I already had at home in my freezer or spice cabinet.


You just take a bag of organic mixed vegetables, follow the stove top instructions, add butter, quinoa (I cook them in big batches and freeze them in 1/2 cup portions so they’re readily available), and lemon pepper + cajun seasoning. Easy peas.

Curry Tuna


It’s incredibly filling but super low in calories, so you can either double up the portions or just have it as snack instead of meal like I did. All of this in under 20 minutes. If you have a partner, then it’d be like 10 if each person does one dish. Happy eating my lovelies. ~ xoxo

8 thoughts on “140 ~ What’s Cooking Wednesday :D

    • I love tuna as well, and it was nice to find a recipe to help spruce it up a bit. A unique blend of exotic flavors that even my friend (who hates tuna) enjoyed. 😀 I hope you get around to trying this one out someday, and that you find it as delicious as we did. xx

  1. Mm…. this is interesting! 🙂 It kind of reminds me of an old English recipe from the 50’s called Coronation Chicken it’s got some very similar ingredients in it (mayonnaise – curry and herbs) Some of the other ingredients are different though. Adding Quinoa is nice, I love Quinoa, but unfortunately it doesn’t feel the same way about me – makes the roof of my mouth itch!! 😡 I eat lots of variations of meals with tuna though, very useful to have in the cupboard. Do you know that most British people had never heard of Tuna until the 1980’s? Sounds silly doesn’t it? Fish like Mackerel, Pilchards and Salmon were the only canned fish we knew about!! 🙂

    • Uuu… I’m sure this would work with chicken as well and I’ve got to look up a Coronation Chicken recipe! Ah yes, I remember you telling me that :/ It is quite unfortunate since it’s so good for you and a reliable source of complete protein. Suzy, you are full of information! I didn’t know that. And it’s strange to hear about other canned fish when I only grew up knowing tuna and sardines (bleh to sardines!).

    • Yay! I hope you enjoy it. Wish I could send you some to sample and try prior. Must find a way to distribute food via WordPress… hmm. *runs off to ponder thoughts and scribble notes on invention*

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