13 thoughts on “131 ~ Beauty

  1. That looks so cool! Like something out of a fantasy movie. And to answer your other question since I am here, nope you can leave google alone, I’ve seen enough. 😉

    • It was like this little vine cave, but I didn’t go in because I wasn’t sure what kind of insects or plants were inside. Don’t want to get poison oak all over myself >_<

      Sharing is caring my friend. Nothing gets the heart pumping in the morning like hot bodies that turn into furry fierce animals. 😉 Hahaha. I'll let Google rest… for now.

  2. Oh yes, we can do a lot of travelling in many ways to try and find the beautiful, but often the answers are in ourselves – it’s just finding it seems to a problem sometimes!

    That looks like the entrance to a Hobbit’s house! Or a Pogles house in the woods! http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-XjyW67M1LoI/T0-5YIH8qLI/AAAAAAAArR4/TT0mZMrjmOk/s1600/pogle.jpg That was a favourite children’s programme of mine when I was a little thing, tiny animated people who lived in the woods. I hardly ever saw it because it was already quite old when I started to watch it, they swiftly moved on to new programmes! So did you find any little people in there? 😉

    • I’ll get lost until I find it. ♥

      How cute is that Pogles house in the woods! And of course, if you barely saw any of that program, then for sure I wouldn’t have seen any of it. 😛 No little people, but then again, I didn’t look close enough. ^_^

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