130 ~ Summer Love

I hope you taste the summer
From the words that fall from my lips
Watch the trees surround me
Turn into pages to write this script

I have never felt this alive
Touching dew drops with fingertips
They fall down ever so gently
Like the tears I often eclipse

Some days my heart feels so heavy
I anticipate my next trip
To escape the world around me
Engrained like some microchip

It’s a high I can’t get enough of
As I plan my next transport ship
Oh Wilderness, swallow me up
Exhale and hear my heart skip


Los LionesLos Liones

*A few days ago, I turned to Jp and said, “I love hiking. It’s the only time I am ever truly happy now.”

And every week, I just want it to be Friday already so I can get ready for my next trail. It’s Saturday morning and I’m gearing up while editing this post. Hopefully the boys don’t chicken out because it’s too early. *smh*

Also, good morning everyone. β™₯

26 thoughts on “130 ~ Summer Love

  1. That’s good to hear, that hiking is bringing some joy into your life! πŸ™‚ Hopefully that will extend to all areas of your life very soon!

    You are reminding me of my dad (a little bit) he loved long walks and getting lost in nature. If he was troubled in life, that’s what he would do. And over the years he learned to tell the difference between all the birds just by hearing them sing, and he used to whistle back to them – and sure enough, they would reply! Quite fascinating seeing someone have a conversation with a bird! So, you should try that, see if you can communicate with the birds! πŸ˜€

    • How cute is that?! I believe if I hiked the same trail over and over, I would be accustomed to the sounds of specific birds. But with the change in scenery, comes different wildlife. Only problem is… I cannot whistle for the life of me! I have tried and failed on numerous occasions and ended up with spit on myself every time. >_<

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