129 ~ Mugu Peak

107We made it to the flag pole! ♥


The drive to Mugu Peak was hilarious. I kept teasing Jp that it was like a scene out of a scary movie (google: Joy Ride). She kept giving me the dirtiest looks because she hates scary movies, and GPS lady kept giving us insane directions.


This was supposed to be a scenic and beautiful ocean cliff hike. I should have seen the signs when we walked through the gates and the bathrooms were burned down.


We should have turned around and found a different hike then, but we continued on and realized that everything was burned to the ground.


Well… almost. At least this tree survived.


This is what our trail looked like for the entire trip. >_< I felt like I was walking through scenes of a video game called Fallout: New Vegas.


Still, we tried to make the best of it. We stumbled upon this old rusty water reservoir and Jp thought it would be funny to do this shot because I’m the most reckless and adventurous of us five. Explore a possibly dangerous and scary tin container? Yes, please. Somebody hold her back! lol.


Still got some pretty nice photos despite the wreckage. Never hiked in a setting like this before and will do more research ahead of time before picking a trail. Live and learn.


I felt terrible for coercing Art and Robert to wake up at 5 a.m. to do this hike with us, and it not turning at all like I thought it would be. But Art turned to me and said, “don’t feel bad. It’s not like you started the fire.” Then I took the standard Britt and Jp shot.


You know, for being as little as I am, I can hike pretty darn fast. I scouted ahead to see where the top of the peak and flag pole were, then took this photo. I labeled all the peeps accordingly. Robert and Patrick made the mistake of attempting to run up the peak, underestimating the distance. Boy were they tired and wrong, haha.


I absolutely dislike fire trails, but this took Fire Road to a whole new level. And it smelled like poop the whole way. I thought I was the only one who thought so, but Jp agreed and thought it was her that smelled, lol. But Art said this is what burnt smells like. It was incredibly unpleasant.


But we made it to the top. Still couldn’t see the ocean because of the clouds but I learned a valuable lesson today. If I want to hike a trail in CA, I better check up and see if there was a recent fire – no one mentioned this on Yelp or Hikespeak. I did research the trail, I even printed a map and labeled it myself (thank God), cuz Robert asked some girls for directions and they pointed in the opposite way of where we were supposed to go. But my crew trusted me, and we got to our destination. ♥ Hey, if anything, we got to get our hikers tan on. Yes, that’s all dirt on my legs.


Happy hiking my friends. xoxo ~ Britt

19 thoughts on “129 ~ Mugu Peak

  1. Aww, I really love the photo of us. I wish I was in the flag pole pic though. It was still a fun hike despite the smell of poop.

    Looking forward to our next great adventure. ♥

    • It is kinda cool ^_^ I’m actually glad we did this hike – definite change in scenery, and who doesn’t like feeling like they’re walking through a game?

      Man that dirt is hard to get off, especially this one because it was mixed with ash. 😦

  2. Oh dear – it looks in a sorry state! 😦 I saw a tiny bit of news on the TV the other evening (a rare moment of turning on the TV!) about the forest fires in California and I wondered if it may be effecting you at all, especially with all your hiking. The way it’s reported on the news it’s as if the end of the world has finally arrived, and maybe for some living right in it I suppose it must feel like that, but I never really know what to believe on that news – so much hype most of the time! It’s good to finally have someone to ask who lives there – so tell me dear hiking girl, what is it like to have huge forest fires nearby – other than it smelling of poo!!? 😉 Does it happen a lot?

    I love that cloud by the way, I’ve never been above the clouds to see them like that – I’d love to see it one day, but for now I’ll just dream about it and watch You Tube videos! 🙂

    You didn’t really go in that scary metal container did you!!? 😯

    • It broke my heart to see it. And the only animals I saw were one Bluejay and one squirrel. I have pictures of them both but they came out blurry.

      We get a lot of fires here. I’ve seen one up close after I left a hiking trail once… thank God I left before it got worse! It was about 6 years ago when that happened, and I was hiking by myself at Switzer’s. I was starting my drive back home when I saw the blaze and planes flying over it dropping what looked like red sand. You know, I always thought they dropped water on the fires, but I guess the sand blocks off the oxygen that fuels them.

      One time it got so bad that the ashes would fly from the mountains and cover up the windows, and cover the sky so it looked like night. The air would be somewhat dangerous to inhale at that point. That only happened once when the fire happened near Griffith Observatory.

      It’s a magical feeling to be able to see above the clouds. ♥

      And I would have gone inside if I weren’t so deathly afraid of spiders. >_<

  3. Ha, I just started playing New Vegas. It’s pretty lame. They sure don’t make Fallout games like they used to back when I was a kid. Sigh.

  4. So many clues there to turn back and yet you march on to your destination, admirable. That must have been some fire! But you got some cracking shots and it’s not something that everyone would have the chance too seen (to much rain here for that kind of fire). Looked like a fun day 🙂

    • We get terrible mountain fires here 😦 Makes me sad for the animals. Definitely not something everyone has the chance to see or experience, so I’m glad we were able to do this hike. 😀

  5. Was in Montana during the giant Yellowstone fires of 1988 that devastated everything. Went back in 91 and could not believe the regrowth that had happened. Fire is just natures way of out with the old and in with the new.

    • I hope this trail regrows soon – I’m already seeing signs of it. But it will be incredibly beautiful when nature takes its’ course and rebuilds. Loved what you said in that last sentence. I can see that being applied to burning bridges with people as well. 😉

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