127 ~ Red Sky Falling

I will spill these bedrooms walls
With the ink of what you did to me
Tear out your heart and arrange the pieces
Into a constellation for all to see

Stupid, illegitimate sky line
Did you think I wouldn’t discover?
A soul so messed up, bruised and beaten
Tormented by a love of another

Soon the fog will pass and uncover
The remnants of your destruction
You breathe lies and games and heresy
In order to make you function

Two-faced and pretentious
You wear that honor proud
But I’ll lacerate that smile right off your face
In front of this entire crowd

Let the red rain commence,
From your throat I’ve slit in the sky
Blood moon rising has never been as glorious
As the hate that fills my eyes

gemini mp

To be honest, I don’t remember writing this piece (AKA blind rage or probably really drunk), but I went onto my laptop a couple of days ago and saw the document there. I know for sure it was written somewhere between last week and last month because it was directed at someone in particular, and I don’t normally write stuff like this. In regards to the photo, it is one I took at Mugu Peak but just doctored, and I added the person’s zodiac sign. ^_^

30 thoughts on “127 ~ Red Sky Falling

  1. Oh goody, I had to look up that sign and it’s not me, lol.

    To say you were mad would be putting it mildly. I’m sorry you were so angry 😦

    Hopefully you’re feeling better.

    • You got it. 😉

      Didn’t think his actions would bother me that much. I shrugged it off at first, but I guess deep down I was really enraged and upset. The only people who can bring out that kind of emotion in me, are unfortunately, the very few I let in that end up stabbing me in the back and/or heart.


      • This is true of all kinds of relationships. I reacted to it because every single Gemini I know has eventually done something really vile to me, all of them women who should know better. Women don’t get a pass simply because they’re supposed to be smarter, but for some reason tend to be more vicious.
        Most people tend to shrug something off initially and then after a little time has passed, they realize they’re suppressing how they truly feel. It’s normal. I always tell myself to sleep on it (one crisis at a time), and if I’m still angry, then the emotion is real because I have a side to me that isn’t very nice and I don’t like unleashing her unless it’s justified.
        I find that I don’t let a lot of people in to begin with, so when I do eventually let someone in, I let them know right away what and who I am as a person. Screw me over and I’m done, end of story. Betray me or hurt me, and you’ll meet the flipside of me and she’s ten times meaner than you’ll ever dream possible. It helps me find the genuine from the phony. I treat people how I want to be treated. If someone betrays me and thinks they can smile in my face, they’ve seriously messed with the wrong girl.

  2. Reblogged this on …..And The Moon Sees All and commented:
    This is incredible and really sums up how I feel about a certain Gemini. It’s a good thing we’re not speaking right now because I seriously want to harm her. I always find that sad when you’re basically sisters with someone, but it happens.
    Hugs to Britt for her awesomeness.

    • I was hesitant. That first draft I sent you was vicious and didn’t flow as well as this one because I was drunk and angry, lol. I needed some time to soften the rough edges.

  3. Yeah – that’s a rage full poem!! 😯 Very good though!
    It’s funny looking through poems you wrote a while back and trying to remember what mood you were in when you wrote them! I’ve got one that sounds a little sinister about love or loving someone, and I was only the thinking the other day that if I posted it I’d have to say (this was the mood I was in at the time!) That’s the trouble with blogging, it’s like having pen friends who view each others art, and you feel a little responsible for confusing people with your old stuff! 🙂 If we just wrote books we could say whatever we wanted and not give a damn what anyone would think – oh what freedom!! 😀

    That picture looks great, like a wallpaper picture of Mars! Are you sure it was taken on this planet? 😉

    You said you wanted to know when my spoken word poem was up. Well, it’s uploaded to SoundCloud and I’m posting the entire poem later today, probably around 4.30 – 5.30pm UK time, so keep a look out! 😀

    • Thanks Suzy! And yes, it is funny looking through poems written and I’ve thought about the ones in my draft too. I’ve been working on some, but it’s hard to complete something when you’re no longer in that mood or phase (at least for me). And if I am to post them in the future when they’re done… then it may get a little confusing or I can look bipolar – flipping one emotion to the next. O_o

      I thought the same thing when I took that picture. Looks even more crazy when I changed the hue to red!

      Oh yay! I’ll be getting to that today when I get off of work. Not sure when I’ll be coming home (I work longer hours on Wednesday), but it’ll be something to look forward too! Thank you for letting me know. I’ve been waiting for this moment for quite some time now. 😉

  4. I keep reading it over and over while nodding my head and saying yep been down that road a few trillion times. You need to rage write more often this was fantastic…You poured out your soul and painted a picture with words 🙂

    • I’m typically calm, and it takes a lot to bring out that kind of rage in me. My best writes are when I am either fueled by passionate hate or love since those are the most honest and raw pieces. Hasn’t happened much lately which is why I’ve been lacking on the writing front. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. :/

    • Releasing it is the best way to move forward. Thank you for being there and for letting me share the story with you. You have been such a wonderful friend and uplifting soul sister/twin. xoxo

      • Releasing it is the ONLY way to go forward. We are both living proof of that! Aww…you are making me tear up. You have been such a blessing to me! It’s nice to find someone who gets me!! Xoxo

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