126 ~ What’s Cooking Wednesday ☺

eggsinpurgatoryEggs in Purgatory ♥


This is reminiscent of an Israeli dish that has a Moroccan twist to it due to the harissa sauce used.



Look up any Eggs in Purgatory or shakshuka recipe, give or take any ingredients of your choice and it’ll make a wonderful addition to your cookbook recipes. 😉 Leo mentioned there’s a version with hummus so I’ll be trying that soon!


20130825_143739Shake & Bake Edamame



Boil up some edamame, pop them out of their shell, add some olive oil/Parmesan cheese/onion and garlic spice into a ziploc bag, and shake until your rage subsides.


Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes (turning them halfway through). These were addicting!

Happy eating my lovies! xoxo

36 thoughts on “126 ~ What’s Cooking Wednesday ☺

    • Haha of course! And thank you again for the tip on hummus. I actually bought some the other day, but I’m not sure how it’ll taste because the hummus isn’t plain – it has sun-dried tomatoes in it. Only way to know for sure is to try! ^_^

  1. LOL. The picture of the 4 eggs cooking looks like lava. That’s some serious cooking! haha Eggs in Purgatory is RIGHT! 😀

  2. Everything was super delicious. Thanks boo, I really appreciate you taking the time to make extra food for me too and trying to get me to eat healthier. 🙂

  3. That’s a very colourful fried egg! Do you eat that for breakfast or for a main meal? I’ve never heard of edamame before, just looked it up in Wiki (soya bean!) well, I’ve heard of those, they are normally white, these look a little like broad beans, but a lot smaller http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Broad-beans-after-cooking.jpg I’m not a big fan of beans, they can really upset my stomach sometimes, some are OK others not. What is about beans!? And what is it about my stomach!? I mention so many things to you that I can’t eat, I must sound like I don’t eat anything at all! 😀

    • I’ve eaten it for breakfast and dinner. I don’t have any rules when it comes to consuming food. Food is food. Beans release gas, it’s common that it upsets peoples tummies. Depending on how they are prepared, they upset mine too. The edamame has never given me any issues though. Oh Suzy, there are a lot of things I can’t eat a lot of because they don’t work well with my body – like pork or certain shelled seafoods. I’m actually allergic to them in large quantities. I also cannot have too much dairy (even though I’ve been making lots of dishes with cheese!). Sometimes my green drink makes me a little nauseous too, lol. I know a lot of people with food allergies so it’s not strange at all that you mention many things you can’t eat. 😀

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