125 ~ Hugs

There’s one thing on this planet
That we are in need of more
People who use arms to comfort
Instead of arming themselves for war

We are already guaranteed battles
Just surviving from day to day
A single embrace can mean so much
And can melt that armor away

So remember to keep it simple
Give away a smile or hug for free
Use your arms to lift someone up
Then come spread the word with me



*This poetry challenge was accepted by a conversation with my dear friend GE. He’s an amazing person, with an incredible amount of talent for sketches and art. And yes, he did draw this. I do love me some unicorns and wolves. šŸ˜‰

34 thoughts on “125 ~ Hugs

    • Virtual ones are way more common, but it’s better than nothing when it comes to people I cannot see immediately. And it is rare to have actual physical contact with someone. We live in a society where we are all so closed off from one another, and that’s just sad.

  1. Hugs…yes…and I give an award, but don’t do anything,…just a bit of sunshine thought for you….hugs really.

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