123 ~ Solstice Canyon

0Virgin Mary Statuary ♥


To commemorate the end of Summer Solstice (Sept 21), I wanted to take this historical hike in Solstice Canyon. The drive to Malibu was gorgeous, even if it was 95 degrees at 7:30 a.m.


I mapped out our route for our trail a few days ago but I didn’t take into consideration that the weather would heat up so quickly, so I asked everyone if they wanted to take the easier route. I’m glad we didn’t. Almost everyone we saw took the shaded Roberts Road/Solstice Canyon (1.05 miles), but we opted for the Rising Sun (1.5 miles up the mountain). But we were blessed with views of the ocean.


And we saw this cool split rock that looked like an Eagle. Can you see it?


What about now? 😛


We were also treated to an aerial view of what remained of the Robert’s house. The house was built with fire protection in mind in 1952. But after Fred Robert’s death, the water pumps were not maintained and the house perished in the 1982 Dayton Canyon Fire.


The other reason I wanted to take the Rising Sun trail, was because I had heard there was a statuary off the beaten path to the east, right before the creek passing. Jp and I were attacked by a queen bumble bee so I ended up passing the spot. But I saw this and thought it was lovely.


So I went back and asked my friends to stay put while I went across the creek and into the brushes. I wasn’t sure if I was going the right way – no one else seemed to be looking for the statues. But after a few minutes I yelled, “It’s here!” ^_^


Right across from the statuary was this nifty water fountain chimney thing. It was beautiful, and yes, I did climb it. 😛


The view of the statuary from the top of the WFCT. I’m a little saddened that someone was terrible enough to cut off a part of the Virgin Mary’s head. 😦 But someone did bring flowers, and the acorn offering dish was still there. I could have stayed here forever. We basically had the place to ourselves because there was no sign indicating that this spot existed unless they spent the time to research the trail.


But we didn’t stay long because there were other places I wanted to explore! We roamed around the blue print of the aforementioned house (which I will be making a post of tomorrow), and I wanted to scramble up the waterfall… yes I know, it has been a very dry season. -_-


There was something up the waterfall I needed to see. So I took the camera with me and had Jp use her phone to take pictures of a little 5 ft girl trying to climb a waterfall.


The rocks were as tall as me! But it was easy enough. I’m sure it would have been harder had there been actual running water flooding this place.


So what was it that I wanted to find up here? It’s on the left-hand side of your screen.


Hand prints of the family that lived here years ago. ♥ I was so happy to see it!


I heard you can climb up even further from this point and that there is a cave too, but I wasn’t about to leave my hiking buddies behind. I’ll save that adventure for next time. 😉 So we headed back and took the Solstice Canyon route, passing by the Keller house which was a cottage built in 1865 (more on that tomorrow). We also saw our buddy Eagle Rock on our way back as well.


I think we all agreed that this was one terrific place to hike and explore. My brother asked me to find more places like this, and I said that I would try but there are no guarantees. You have to research and be able to get off the beaten path in order to discover things that other’s may overlook because for them, it’s the destination and not the journey.

On a side note: I guess I can wear white to hike and not get it dirty. My new Under Armour cap is as white as when we left. ^_^ Perhaps I can get a white hydration pack after all. We shall see!


I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday despite the heat. Or you may be lucky and not have had such a scorching summer as I have had. It’s 87 degrees in my apt and I’m sweating more than I did while hiking. -_-


15 thoughts on “123 ~ Solstice Canyon

  1. I love your adventures !!! Those places look wonderful. I told my friends some years ago to start travel around the country (Israel), but it never get to an end. Now I work in the weekends and we haven’t time … but, let’s see, someday …

    • Most of them are 30 minutes to an hour away from where I live, and it’s all free to do. That’s a bummer that you have to work on the weekends, but maybe you guys can work something out on the weekdays – it should be less crowded too, so that’s a plus! I hope you can get around to traveling the country soon and when you do, take lots of pictures!! And post of them of course. 😉

  2. Rock climbing now!! 😯 I never understand how anyone clings on when climbing rocks. Do you have little retractable suction pads in your fingers? 😉

    An interesting place, and it looks like you’re back to the Smurf/Hobits/Pogles homeland again! 🙂 I like the hands in the concrete, I shall have to remember to do that before I leave my little home one day! I’ll leave an imprint embedded into the wall nearest my computer, with a note saying “This is where Suzy spent way too much of her life!” 😆

    So you got attacked by a queen bumble bee!? Whatever did it think you were – a flower? They think I’m a flower, always after me. And wasps think I’m a sweet sticky cake thing – they just love following me around! 😀

    • You just have to find a good place to fit your hands and feet in the crevices or rock face. 😀 Didn’t think I could do it, especially for being so little but you never know until you try. 😉

      YES! It was like a little fairy forest. I loved it! And LOL @ the note next to your computer. I would have thought of putting that same note as well until I started hiking again. ^_^

      I’m not sure but it came out of nowhere and I started waving my towel (bad idea!) so it thought I was trying to attack it so it chased after me for quite some time. It was terrifying! >_<

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