122 ~ Solstice Canyon Part II

I took about 500 photos from our short hike yesterday. I absolutely loved that hike, and will be revisiting it numerous times. Hopefully the weather here dies down. I’m a little tired from this heat wave we’ve been having.















We ended our history lesson yesterday with some food from Kabuki. Dynamite roll, Smoked Philadelphia Roll and Chicken & Steak Hibachi. Mhm.


And of course, you all know my love for beer. Orion, Lychee and Mango.


Have a lovely Sunday everyone! β™₯

30 thoughts on “122 ~ Solstice Canyon Part II

  1. Is that a ballet dancer on that wall? Strange place to find her! πŸ™‚

    And how was that meal? It looks delicious!

    You still have really hot weather? In Britain it’s been really nice, sunny and warm, but a little fresh breeze perfect weather (for a change!) but it’s starting to feel a little cooler that last couple of days. 1’st of September today, can’t believe we are so close to Halloween, Christmas and New Year, all that rubbish – again!! 😯

    • Yes it is. It was random but beautiful to see. Not sure why it was there or what that room was… only 3 walls remained and it was far from the main quarters and closer to the machine that pumped the water around the house to protect it from fires.

      The meal was absolutely delicious.

      It got hotter all of a sudden! Now we’re in the high 90’s to 115 degrees! It’s just awful. 😦

      Aww, but I love holidays. ^_^ Always a good excuse to dress up and cook/bake festive things.

    • California isn’t known for it’s hiking trails, but it sure should be. I guess that’s a good thing. Hard to be one with nature when there are a whole bunch of people out there with you. Do you not have any good hiking trails where you live?

      • There are trails in all of the State Parks, but we have no mountains, just hills and valleys. There is a historical trail here in Lafayette, along the Wabash River.

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