121 ~ To Catch a Unicorn ♥

BbyUniI finally got one. And it’s so fluffy!


Jp and I decided last minute on Sunday morning that we would hit up the LA Fair. Admission for opening days were only $1 so we figured we’d have more money to spend on games.


The Gaming Gods were smiling on us today because we were on a winning streak! But my arms did get very tired. And it was like 105 degrees out or some ridiculous number like that.


All that game play sure made us hungry. Mhm. And look at my little Princess photo bombing, just like her mama. 😉


All of the other babies were in the trunk, but she got to ride shotgun with me. ^_^


We won about 14 toys in total. Here’s my carnival family. There are a few little odd things like snakes, crabs, whales, piggy, pink teddy. I also got my minions!, Jake from Adventure Time (one of my favorite cartoons), and a mommy and daddy unicorn. Thank you Jp for being so super duper amazing at throwing things hard to make them pop. I knew that rage would come in handy someday. 😉 haha. Just kidding. Love you boo!


Afterwards we went to REI to finally get me a hydration pack. The sales guy was incredibly helpful. The packs that I originally wanted were specifically built for women, but they were all too big for my body. So he suggested I customize my own by getting a kids one and buying a separate bladder. He also taught me how to strap myself in properly, and how to care for my hydration system.


One thing I learned the hard way, was to remember to put sunblock on my feet because they are pretty burned now. I hope it doesn’t interfere with the hike today because my right foot blistered a little. 😦 We shall see.

17 thoughts on “121 ~ To Catch a Unicorn ♥

  1. Seems very organised. Do you think unicorns are real, how would they build space ships without apposed thumbs?

      • Ah yes of course. My thought was that they would carry things in the mouths and move them with their hooves. In a similar way to Tibetan monks making those symmetrical patterns in sand. The result being machines made in communes over hundreds of years but with extremely large components, eventually they could make smaller components through making larger robots to build smaller things. The results being Epically built space craft of extremely good quality and solidarity. The downside being if they were destroyed they would take thousands of years to recreate. Thus indicating the reason of unicorns being generally regarded as pacifistic and peaceful. And would also explain why they are very rarely sighted and considered as sacred

    • Haha, I did! The OC Fair was a bust, but the LA one made up for it. We went around to different games so I could collect certain colors and toys. It was so much fun even though it was super duper hot outside.

  2. A hydration pack? I think I have heard of them somewhere before, but not seen one though, great idea for for hiking! 🙂 You just need something to pee in now!! 😆 But with all that walking and intense heat, I’m guessing you probably perspire most of the water you drink?
    My aunt bought a female peeing device for her daughter one Christmas, (yeah I know, sounds great doesn’t it!?) it was in case she got stuck in traffic and needed a pee, mm… my cousins face was a picture when she opened it to find her ‘Shewee’ that’s what they are called, you can Google it for a laugh if you want, they seem to be available everywhere! Just don’t buy one for a Christmas present – you can see why I’m not looking forward to Christmas now!!!? 😐

    All those cuddly toys!! 😯 And you finally got a fluffy Unicorn – a pink one! 🙂 How did you manage to win all those toys??? I’ve never won a thing at a fair – not even a little goldfish in a plastic bag. Do they do that where you are, goldfish in bags? I so wanted to win one of those when I was little, but I think that’s horrible now, poor fish! 😦

    Mummy and Daddy Unicorns? Did you know what Daddy Unicorn is called? 😉 http://amyrozelmartin.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Screen-Shot-2011-11-20-at-14.41.15.png Oh – there’s a name for him!! 😀

    And this one is a little rude – but I’m sure you’d like to share it with JP at work, so you can give each other one of those looks!! http://jokideo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/292749_461010307274973_726843874_n.jpg I’m sure something like this has happened to someone out there. I think the moral of the joke is – make sure you hide your adult toys – really well! 😉

    • I kept putting it off because they can get quite expensive, but I got tired of my backpack bouncing around and having to stop to remove my pack to pull out a water bottle and stop to drink. I used it today, and I can’t believe I didn’t get one sooner! I drank 2 liters of water easily. I always, always, always have to pee, no matter how much I sweat. Sometimes I think that I should stop drinking so much water, but I don’t want to pass out from a heat stroke. It’s kind of inconvenient, especially since we’re out on a trail for 4-8 hours sometimes and being a girl… it’s not that easy to just… go.

      I saw the Shewee advertised on a hiking site the other day! I laughed so hard, but thought it was kind of genius. No more having to squat and fearing something might come up and bite you in the butt. -_- Like a snake or a bug. I’m always terrified that will happen to me someday. P.S. Your auntie is hilarious. 😆

      I won the small ones, Jp got the bigger ones. If you play a game enough you can upgrade your small toys to a bigger one. I stumbled upon the baby unicorn by accident. Everyone wanted this sock puppet monkey (he’s really popular, not sure why), but I saw her and I asked the guy if I could trade my monkey for a unicorn. He said, yes. ^_^ Who gives away goldfishes in plastic bags?! That’s just awful! 😦

      POP CORN! Hahahahah. That’s what I’m going to name him from now on, thank you Suzy. And lol @ the second one. I’m sure Jp would love to see this and yes, we will give each other that look. 😉

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