120 ~ the Grotto

170There are some adventures that can be explained, but it isn’t the same as experiencing it first hand.


Trying to figure out a safe way to climb into a small cave filled with water is one of them.


I almost cried because we came all this way, and I kept climbing back up and down and trying different ways to descend and I nearly lost hope, but we did it!


That was half the battle. We needed to climb down further to the grotto. Who knew that the way to get down, was to go up a different way?


The grotto itself was… ok. I’m sure after some rain fall this place would be glorious. I will be returning then. Today, we learned to push our bodies even more, and I’m sure we all felt a great sense of accomplishment. My arms and legs already feel like jello. >_<


On a side note, this is why all my favorite teddies get so dirty. I take them everywhere with me. ♥


25 thoughts on “120 ~ the Grotto

  1. Boo, I’m glad you always push me to do things I’m afraid of. I know I shouldn’t doubt my abilities but I do. I need to remember that it doesn’t get easier, we get stronger.

    I really love all the adventures we go on 🙂

    • I know you well enough to know that you are very capable, especially if I’m scouting ahead for you. We may not be partying it up, but this is our form of living, breathing, bettering ourselves, yet still having fun!

      I love them too, and I don’t know of another person I’d rather share my adventures with. Oh, the stories we’d tell your kids. 😉

  2. Every minute doing crazy things out in the boonies is two minutes added to the end of your life.. Yeah i just made that up, but it sounds good 🙂

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