116 ~ Hiking Love

20130902_093921On top of the cave @ the Grotto ♥


There is only one person I trust with my photographs when we go hiking. Jp has the best eye for photos, and I was going through them again today. We rescheduled our hike to tomorrow since we were all dehydrated from partying a little too hard the night before. Anyway, when we go, we run with two cameras. Her Canon that I keep with me, and her phone so we’re taking photographs of each other.


I absolutely love my hydration pack! Mine carries 2-liters of water and I can add a separate water pouch for an additional 1-liter. I drink tons of water now – the old Brittany hated water. But I learned the hard way what dehydration can do on a hot day. I almost passed out at the OC Fair, and it was a horrible, horrible sick feeling.

The children’s hydration pack I got is better than the adult ones that I’ve tried. It has zipper pouches on the hips AND the top strap is adjustable vertically. A lot of women complain how the chest strap is too high or low, so I’m surprised the kids one was more accommodating. It also comes with a whistle built into the chest strap! I told the guy at REI that it was for stranger danger, to which he just laughed. But it’s true.

Anyway, so I’m going through the photos Jp took from our last hike and there is this one guy that kept photo bombing my pictures. His group went on ahead, but he stayed behind a little. Not sure why he didn’t just talk to me but he sure liked standing next to me a lot and staring. -_-


Jp says I should have just talked to him but when I’m out in nature, the last thing on my mind is picking up on men. Just found that set of photographs hilarious though.

Thank you Jp for being a wonderful hiking buddy and photographer, and for letting me talk you into doing crazy things. Not sure what trail we’ll end up doing tomorrow (depending on if the boys go), but for sure we’re going to have lots of fun. Love ya girlie. ♥

15 thoughts on “116 ~ Hiking Love

  1. Aww boo, I love our hiking adventures. Wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I’m really glad I let you talk me into doing crazy things. But I’m glad you like the photos. Love ya too! 🙂

  2. Picking up men in nature!! 😉 Sounds very Adam and Eve!!! 😀
    Photo bombing? I’ve heard of Yarn bombing! I guess that meant he kept including himself in your pictures? Silly boy! 😀 Maybe he just REALLY liked you! But I know what you mean, if you’re not in the mood for flirtation in the wilderness – you’re just NOT! I do feel some sympathy with guys sometimes though, they must have real problems trying to work some of us girls out! Is she interested? No she’s not. We’re in the wrong environment. Oh but today she is – with a drink in her hand and her sexy head on!! 😆

    And the animal world is just the same! I watched a programme years ago about kangaroos in the wild in Australia, and this female kangaroo was interested in one of the males but not the main one that was chasing her. She sat under a crevice in a mountainside just to stop THAT ONE getting anywhere near her. If he had tried to – well (do it!) he would have cracked his head of the rock above her! Clever girl – she stayed there for hours until her lovely one came along! Ahhhhh so sweet – and soooo intelligent! Just thinking – I haven’t told you this story before have I? Must not repeat – must not repeat – repeat – repeat….

    I think I’ve been under my rock for some time now, maybe it’s time to come out soon – but not to get leaped on of course – or picture bombed and definitely not yarn bombed! 😐

    • Yes, it means he kept including himself in my photos. He even said it himself so he was aware of what he was doing, lol. Yarn bombing?! What is that? *runs off to do a quick search* That’s actually pretty cool! I’m not that hard to read, he should have just introduced himself – pretty simple. 🙂 But since he didn’t, I wasn’t about to make the first move. 😉

      What a clever kangaroo! That is one interesting documentary. And no… you haven’t told me that one yet. 😛

      You’ll come out when you’re ready, as will I someday. And I hope when you do, you won’t be leaped or bombed on! 😆

      • Haha!! 😆 No, no definitely not! The best thing a man can do for me is – be himself, bombing wouldn’t be appreciated and leaping – well, forget it!! Leaping is OK when I’ve decided it is, and I haven’t got a headache! 😉

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