108 ~ Echo Mountain –> Castle Canyon –> Inspiration Point


Inspiration Point


Since this is a 3 part trail, I’ll be breaking them down into separate posts. First up is Inspiration Point.


This is not the original building, but a recreation stemming from what was left of the structure from the fire in the 1950’s. You can read more about the history here.


You can look through “telescopes” which are basic tubes that point you in the general direction of where the location is labeled on the scope.


My favorite of course, would be the city I live in currently.


We took the horrendous Castle Canyon trail up so we wanted to take the Sam Merril Trail on our descent (it’s supposed to be wider and easier) but I saw this sign posted at the entrance. Warning: Entering burned area. Potential hazards include: Loose rocks, falling trees and limbs, flash flooding, and debris flows. Portions of trail are damaged and blocked with debris. Trees along this trail may have been weakened from fire damage and may fall at any time.


As exciting as that sounds, I was not up for that kind of adventure today. We were tired and the sun was relentless, and we were running out of water. Whoever said this hike was easy is full of monkey poo. The Echo Mountain trail was heavily populated, but that quickly thinned out when we started Castle Canyon. I knew Jp wanted to turn around, and we would have if we didn’t find shade quick. But I’m glad we did it.


Seriously, on the way down I kept repeating, “baby Jesus, don’t let my legs fail me now.” This wasn’t as bad as when went to Bridge to Nowhere because we were not as conditioned as we are now. But still, it was pretty brutal. We won’t be taking on any more strenuous hikes for a bit until this heat cools down and I get like 10 of these. We don’t want to end up like this dude. This picture was taken way up on the trail, but I managed to zoom in.


Don’t stay thirsty, stay hydrated my friends. ♥

15 thoughts on “108 ~ Echo Mountain –> Castle Canyon –> Inspiration Point

  1. You’re on the edge again girl!! 😀 Did you feel the ‘inspiration’ when you were up there? It’s good that you’ve got that hydration pack, but I suppose there is only so much water you can carry, must be like carrying a small child on your back!? 😦

    It’s amazing to think you are suffering such hot weather! You won’t believe me Britt – I think our summer is over, it’s turned soooo cool, warm fleecy things are back out of the cupboard and hanging in my wardrobe again, and wrapped around me! 😐 The warm weather was really late arriving this year, and now it’s gone, before we know it, it will be Christmas! 🙂

    • Definitely felt inspired! The views were beautiful and there was only 3 other people up there, so it was a nice spot to have a picnic and reflect. Saw birds soaring and had a bird’s eye view of many cities. It does get heavy when it’s filled with water 😦 Much like a small child on my back for sure, but it goes away once you start drinking, lol.

      I’m jealous of your weather Suzy. It’s been so darn hot here and I keep wishing for this heat to go away. >_<

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