107 ~ the White City (Echo Mountain)

109Fire takes no holiday, consuming everything in its’ wake.



The Echo Mountain House, a hotel completed November 24th, 1894 burned down from the inside – supposedly from a defective oven vent on February 5th, 1900.


Where the White City once stood. I wish it were still here.


A walk through history. The scenery and fauna were beautiful, even amidst all the rubble.


We of course, had to hike up there but back in the day, they had an elaborate railway system. Mt Lowe’s Railway – AKA the Railway in the Clouds.


Saturday was one of those days that we could have used this transportation down, lol.


The obligatory touristy photo. >_<


Echo Mountain does have an echo phone (you can yell into it, we didn’t). And I don’t have a photograph of it, but there is also one up at Inspiration Point too.

This is the first stop of the hike. The second one is what I posted yesterday of Inspiration Point. The Echo Mountain trail is pretty crowded, but if you choose to continue via Castle Canyon or Sam Merril, you will only see a handful of folks going up/down so you pretty much have the trail to yourself.

17 thoughts on “107 ~ the White City (Echo Mountain)

    • Right?! I thought so too. I’ve seen pictures of the inside, it was beautiful but creepy – definitely reminiscent of the Shining. ^_^

      It was hard to get up there and back and it does snow at high elevations like this. If the hotel still existed, I wouldn’t want to be caught in a snowstorm up there with a creeper! 😯

  1. Fire really is shocking isn’t it….they started early here this year…but now the rain came. You just never know.

  2. I love these blue views you have! We have a high point in Norwich where you can look over the entire city, but it’s no way as beautiful as that view! 🙂

    And the White City sounds like something Dorothy skipped down that yellow brick road to find, or up in this case, and discovered at the end of the rainbow! 😉

    • Have you been to this high point in Norwich? I would like to see you or your brother take a photograph of this!

      It does, doesn’t it? I really did wish it were still here. All that’s left is a few stairs. 😦

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