105 ~ Do You See, What I See?

211Tree turtle nomming on lettuce rock ♥


Jp and I make a lot of stops during our hikes. Most people come by and encourage us to keep continuing as if we’ve quit the trail, but they don’t realize we stop because I’m taking photographs. ^_^


Jp sees a horse with things coming out of its’ head like antlers. -_- Antlers on a horse?! I told Jp we need to go back to basics of Old McDonald had a farm, lol! I see a Seahorse. But that is also my mums favorite animal, so I could be biased.


Looks like the mask the singers from the Knife wear. Or just a simple ground Ogre. Hmm…


Duck with a broken neck. A tad bit morbid. >_<


Dino fossil!! Not really. But then we got on the conversation of Jurassic Park #4 that is in the works.


Weightlifting at it’s finest, lol. It’s part of the railroad system. ^_^ This was Jp’s idea, and it was cool that other hikers were getting into it yelling, “straighten your back!” haha.

It saddens me a bit to see people always rushing on our hikes instead of taking in the scenery. Or blasting music from whatever mechanical device they have on hand instead of listening to the bird songs. On this particular hike, we heard two birds singing to each other, it was beautiful.

In a bustling city where everyone is always on the go, we’ve got to remember to slow down a bit, breathe, and enjoy the little pleasures in life. And yes, it’s okay to act like a goof ball once in awhile. 😉

Happy Hump Day ♥

18 thoughts on “105 ~ Do You See, What I See?

  1. I agree fully! It’s one of the reasons I loved walking around with my phone. I would stop all the time and take photos. One great thing is you notice different things by going on the same path but a different direction. The only problem is after awhile… you’ve gone everywhere and there really is nothing new to photograph. 😦

  2. What an interesting post! At the beginning I kept staring at this first picture you got here, wondering where the heck is that turtle! lol but then I got it finally 🙂 I would have put on my headphones too! but now you have me questioning my ways of enjoyment.. Cool post 😉

    • It’s ok my friend, I have an overactive imagination. 😉 And I have nothing against people who listen to music, I absolutely can’t live without it but there are times when nature sings to you and it’s an absolute wonder to hear. ^_^

  3. A turtle eating on a lettuce rock – yes I can see that! And a duck with a broken neck – a little sinister!

    I’m trying to figure out why on earth anyone would want to dump their weightlifting gear out there? Perhaps just a convenient place to dump stuff with no-one watching! 🙂

    And it’s good to stop, take in the view, listen to the birds. I can never understand people who love to walk being obsessed with the walk, how many steps they’ve taken, how many miles they’ve walked, without enjoying the whole experience. I used to go on walks with my Dad sometimes, even when I was a teenager and you know I’ve mentioned I didn’t always get on with my Dad, especially in my teen years, but those walks with him were very healing for us, and also after my Mum died too, we got to know each other and appreciate each other, by doing things together.

    I think some are obsessed with possessions, goals and targets they’ve got to hit, they forget how to just be. I can see you and JP know how to BE! A great foundation for lasting friendship! My best friend and I are very good at the just BE! 😀

    • Not weightlifting gear Suzy, it was remnants of the railroad laying in the grass, lol. Doesn’t it look like it though?!

      To each their own, though I wonder if they’re going to do that out in nature, then why not just stick to the gym ya know? And that’s a very sweet way to bond/heal.

      And thank you! I’m glad Jp and I are on the same page about that. It would be terrible to hike with a rusher. I’ve walked with a few and it’s so boring just going, going, going until you get to your destination. Wasn’t very fun then.

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