102 ~ Saturday Shenanigans

caveitGearing up for another Adventure  ♥


Ready to go with waterproof bandages for my left knee, Batman shirt, Hunters and torch light. Taking it easy this time around, but unfortunately the trail I’m taking isn’t legitimately mapped as a trail. All I have to go on, is a YouTube video. >_<


When we were hiking Echo Mountain, I saw a lower trail that had a point of interest that we did not cross. I actually took many photos of it and Jp and I took stabs at what this could be last Saturday. This week I searched the internet for the real identity of said building, but sadly it’s just a 200k gallon reservoir of water but taking the trail up and to the right, it takes you to a water cave – tunneled in the 1880’s for gold mining and water irrigation. When we hiked EM I didn’t hear anything but the chatter of people around us, but returning from Inspiration Point on the descent, I heard the sounds of water running when we were alone on the trail.

That is what I will be trying to see today. It’s not like the cave at the Grotto where sunlight shines through, so a legitimate source of light is needed. I hope me and my brother Patrick will find it.

There is a point of interest before this water reservoir (and before the trail to the cave). In 1916 this 107 acre land was purchased by Charles H. Cobb. In 1918, him and his wife moved to the mansion that was built here, but that was given to the Scottish Rite Cathedral Pasadena when he passed away in 1939. In 1956 Julius Henry “Groucho” Marx bought the Estate and wanted to turn it into a cemetery.


But the plans fell through, so in 1971 the land was auctioned off. With the help of Bob Barnes (a teacher at John Muir HS), along with the support of the school’s conservation club, they raised $175,000 to purchase the land, saving it from tract housing development. For that I give thanks, because we are now able to enjoy all the hiking trails here.

Thank you to those who believe in preserving history.

Much love,

p.s. Jp I promise to bring you here if we find tunnel #4.

6 thoughts on “102 ~ Saturday Shenanigans

  1. That´s actually an interesting fact. It makes it more exciting to know the history of the land you´re walking through. That´s quite cool.

    I think my aversion to hiking comes from the army, all the marches so many miles carrying so many pounds. Not fun. They could´ve given us a little history lesson while we did our “forced marches”. Funny if I could be able to suggest this to the army. “Making well rounded soldiers. They can shoot and move while at the same time giving you a guided tour.”
    Stay Frosty.

    • It does make it more exciting. 😀

      I can see why you don’t find it fun. I would have those same sentiments if I had to do forced marches. Maybe you can put that in the Army Suggestion Box. 😉

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