101 ~ Tunnel #4

081Wish you were here to see this. ♥


So much for taking it easy with my bum knee. The YouTube video made it seem like a walk in the park, but perhaps when that guy went, there weren’t so many land slides. Some parts looked impossible to traverse and at one point we turned around because we couldn’t find the path to continue. My heart sank.

Once we were back at the torn down mansion, I asked my brother if he had reception so we could watch the video again. So we did… We were so close to finding it and turned around at the top of the waterfall, not knowing the mine was just a few rocky feet away! So we had to make a decision: go back to the car and look for a safer hiking trail, or try to find the cave one more time.

As exhausted as we were, we discussed how the trail was already in bad shape and deteriorating and we knew that when it started to rain (which may be soon), we might not ever have the opportunity to do this again.

So we put our game faces on and went back.

Words cannot describe how ecstatic we were to find it and how beautiful the scenery was. It was like a little jungle water oasis, and we were the only ones there.


I quickly changed my shoes which was kind of hard to do on an incline. The tunnel was filled with running water and made a little waterfall at the mouth of the cave, it was gorgeous!


At the entrance. We had to put the camera away because I didn’t want it to get wet. The tunnel is 837 ft long (it also splits into two paths where you can either go left or right), and the ceiling was very low so we had to walk hunched over, and yes, I did hit my head a couple of times. 😦


The water gets deeper the more you tread in. People keep asking me if I’m afraid of bats. The answer is no. My family and I went cave tubing in Belize and those tunnels were filled with them. They’re actually kinda cute. ^_^


This will be the first and last time we will ever see this, but it was a great bonding experience for me and my brother. Still bummed we didn’t take more photos though, but photography wasn’t an option because we needed both hands free.


For real this time, no more crazy hiking trails. Until the next Adventure! 😉 This is Jake from Adventure Time – a favorite cartoon of mine. I highly recommend this show, it is hilarious and a trip to watch.

Happy Sunday everyone. ♥

13 thoughts on “101 ~ Tunnel #4

  1. Looks a little magical or a little Hobbity/Poggles Wood again!!! 😆

    You banged your head on a rock!! 😯 Are you trying to kill yourself this week girl!!? 😐

    And you’re right, bats are cute! But I was terrified by one as a child when it flew passed me in a garage, attracted by the light at night time I guess. I went screaming to my Mum, because I didn’t know what it was. It felt like a silent winged bird flew by! I was 7, and I’ve never seen one up close ever since!

    I like your mellow-yellow friend! I’ve not seen that programme, just a few short clips. Had a look on You Tube, I’ll have to watch some on there – useful You Tube!. 😀

    • It does. 😀 The trail didn’t look at all like this until we reached the mine, so it was really lovely to see after traversing all the dirt.

      I know, I know! I need to be more careful. >_<

      That's how I felt when the hummingbird flew past my head that day. I now know what they truly sound like, and I was by myself because my brother left to scout ahead. As for bats, I love anything fuzzy. Mosquitoes, bees, spiders… and pretty much all insects are what I detest in nature the most.

      I was watching some episodes on YouTube this morning. Apparently they're in season 5 now. They only had 1 season on NetFlix when I first started watching them. Yay for YouTube! ^_^

  2. It looks beautiful, but take it easy for God’s sake. If you body hurts, stop….even I know that….lol.

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