97 ~ Fire on Babylon

The embers that are glowing
May be faint but I can see
The spark created between us
Mark the birth of you and me

In a world that tries to break us
Let’s show them something grand
Feel the warmth radiate between palms
Creating comets in our hands

We’ll blaze a trail of fire
That no one can ignore
Smoke signals rising in the sky
An omen to the war

Fireworks on cusps of discharging
Pyromaniacs a term they’ll learn
And the masses will come running
Just to watch us burn

20130923_183851 copy

*I really need to put my writing head back on. I keep starting poems but can never seem to complete them. As for the photo, it was sent to me from Jp when she was driving home a few days ago. Another mountain on fire. 😦

12 thoughts on “97 ~ Fire on Babylon

  1. Oh – I really love this one Britt, really beautiful!!♥
    I know what you mean about starting the poems and not completing them, I have some like that too. Although I do like to work on mine slowly anyway. After writing I often leave them, and then go back an edit bits, until I’m happy with the end result, stories are the same. But sometimes my writing head just switches off! 🙂

    Another fire! 😯 Looks like a volcano in the distance – have you got some of those too?

    • I start them and don’t complete them… and then my feelings change so it’s hard to finish what I started. I can’t carry the emotion of the post if I don’t feel them anymore – I know, it’s strange.

      It does! But it’s not. No volcanoes in this region at all so all we get are earthquakes and wild fire.

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