94 ~ Murphy Ranch (Abandoned Nazi Compound)

139I will never make fun of Jp again for the extra measures she takes due to her pseudo germaphobic psychosis. I laughed at her once for bringing cafeteria serving gloves on our hikes, but it came in handy today. Dirt I can do, touching rusty material – not so much when it comes to eating my sammich. Mhm.


Murphy Ranch was slated for demolition in 2012 but it hasn’t happened yet, so I was pushing for us to go soon. It was one sure strange place to hike and I loved every minute of it – even though we got lost multiple times. This place has a sketchy past from all the stories that were rendered from oral history. You can read more about its’ Nazi involvement from the LA Times here.


There is no real address, just cross streets to take you to the location and oddly placed in a super rich neighborhood. Ignore all the trespassing signs and take the paved road until you reach some wire fences. First cut in the chain link fence are stairs that will take you down into the canyon. Super narrow and steep. Second cut down the road in the fence (which we took), had handrails on the second portion of the stairs. Our legs felt wobbly after descending 500-ish flights that drop 250 ft of elevation.

20130928_092006 copy

You’ll pass a water tank (go right after more stairs), and then get to the diesel power house and bomb shelter. In 1948, the land was sold to Hartford’s Artist Colony and then to the city of LA in 1973. Since then, it has been plagued with graffiti artists.


Surprisingly, the structure is still sound. You can even climb up the rail and onto the catwalk. We ran with 3 camera’s this time around. Jp’s, mine and my brother’s.


I am afraid of heights but I’ve been battling it since we started hiking. I did manage to get to the top and held my composure long enough for Jp to ascend the flights of stairs to the agricultural center to take a photo of me through the roof. “Hello, Jp!”


A lot of the artwork is creepy, but we loved the spray painted Octopus inside the PH. Stare down contest! The artwork is transient and  will always change with each visit.


To the right of the Power House and up is a garden… or what’s left of it.


And then you get to the machine shed where we decided to have a picnic. ^_^


After that, we got lost. But we finally found the barn. It reminded us of the barn that held zombies in AMC’s the Walking Dead. That series is amazing.


After that, we got super duper lost and walked back and forth for miles until we stumbled upon some dog walkers for directions.

We made it back to the normal paved road, but something kept bugging me. We saw this a few times while trying to enjoy the coast. It may not be appropriate to spy on the neighborhood, but what on earth is that?


I zoomed in close of some statue near a pool that looked like a horse,  but Jp thinks it’s a lion. Whatever it is, it’s a bit gaudy and looks like it’s pooping flowers. Any ideas on what this could possibly be? 😯


20 thoughts on “94 ~ Murphy Ranch (Abandoned Nazi Compound)

  1. Love the picture of you eating the sammich with the glove. If you zoom in, you can see me in your sunglasses. I’m eating while taking the picture of you hahhaha

  2. Those stairs gave me vertigo. They should´ve put a guard in that house, the graftity ruined the history, the old shack.

    Hey, what does the letters in latin? mean in the blog´s heading? I can google it but I´m too lazy plus I want to go through more blogs.
    Stay Frosty, or Stay climbing and taking nice photos.

    • They were trippy since they were so steep, that’s why we opted for the second set that had handrails on some parts. To the city, it was just a piece of land and has a hazy past – that’s why they had planned on demoliting it, but budget cuts has postponed the inevitable. It will be torn down someday – all of it.

      Header translation:

      You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body.
      For assuredly, the only road to a life of peace is virtue.

  3. What a creepy, but fascinating place! I’m a bit puzzled at the history about a group of Nazis. Just wondering why Nazis would want to secretly live in California at that time, when they were concentrating on taking over Europe? Might be a cover for something entirely different, I’ve heard of that being done before, the pretend Nazi presence would be threatening, therefore perfect for keeping nosey locals away. Just a Suzy theory, might be wrong. But all a bit sinister one way or another. I like the graffiti art though, and you look very good standing in the middle of it all!! 😀

    And JP sounds such a sensible girl, hygiene gloves, just in case! I always carry a few of those in my bag, not to do with eating, although they might come in handy to eat lunch with one day. But back in the 90’s while waiting for a bus one evening, a man collapsed in front of me and had a epileptic seizure. His head banged off the pavement, sounded terrible, I put my hand underneath his head just to help protect him from splitting his head open – lucky for me someone saved my hand from being split open by placing their rucksack under his head! Ambulance was called, and they took him away. I thought it might be wise after that event to carry some medical hygiene gloves, because if I ever came across someone who was bleeding heavily for some reason, I’d like to be able to help, and it might be wise to wear the gloves – the paramedics always do. Also would protect an injured person from bacteria from me too. But having said that, I have been carrying them many years now, and never needed them once – which is good I suppose! So make sure you carry your gloves, you never know! 🙂

    • The history on the place is a bit sketchy (there’s a link to an article in the LA times in my post), but the ranch was under the control of a mysterious man known only as “Herr Schmidt,” who used the ranch to introduce his Nazi-inspired political philosophy. But your theory could be right. These buildings are shrouded in word-of-mouth conspiracies, but still nonetheless fascinating!

      Oh that’s quite a terrible event Suzy – I wouldn’t have known what to do in that situation or how I would have reacted. :/ But you are quick to help and think on your feet. I can see why you would carry gloves, and I’m glad you haven’t had to use them.

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