87 ~ Vasquez Rocks

106Boulder hopping and rock scrambling in Agua Dulce ♥


Vasquez Rocks named after the bandit Tiburcio Vasquez AKA “The Scourge of California,” used these rocks as his hideout in 1873. I can see why he would.


I had originally mapped out a trail but decided to not use it when we got there. We just did it old school and explored anything and everything that looked interesting.


This also meant getting our hands and body dirty. Jp took a picture of me when I was on all fours on this wall (which I’m not posting!), yelling that I was stuck and couldn’t move. She thought it was hilarious. -_-


But I made it! And Jp did too after getting stuck 3 times in the same spot. Not so funny now, huh Jp? 😛


This place is really, really cool and beautiful. It was windy that day though so sometimes we had to stop mid-climb while the wind was blowing so we didn’t get knocked down.


Vasquez Rocks is a popular filming location. Star Trek, Power Rangers, Battlestar Galactica, Jay and Silent Bob, Planet of the Apes, and the list goes on forever. So it was like walking through movie sets.


I took Jake with us instead of Princess Uni because I sleep with her and she started to smell funny. So she stays home now. Until the next adventure!…


21 thoughts on “87 ~ Vasquez Rocks

  1. You left Princess uni at home because she smelled funny!!!? Well, stop sleeping with her then! 😆

    Those rocks do look like another planet! And how the hell do you climb those Britt!!? You know I’ve just been wondering – you do a lot of climbing on rocks, does anyone in the US ever wear hard protective hats for climbing! Like this girl. http://us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/marilyna/marilyna0709/marilyna070900008/1577037-young-girl-climbing-upwards-on-a-rock-training-face-wearing-a-safety-harness-and-red-hard-hat.jpg Rocks are enormously hard, you wouldn’t want to slip off one on those without some protective gear on your head. But I suppose it wouldn’t be much fun with a hat on in the kind of hot weather you get where you are! 😦

    • I know that sentence came out all wrong, but I was in a rush to get back to my costume project as Jp was waiting for me to finish my post in the other room! LOL.

      These aren’t as tall as those that actually rock climb, so no helmets. This is more like rock scrambling which can be dangerous if you aren’t careful, but it’s definitely not dangerous enough to warrant a harness, ropes, and protective gear. 🙂 The difference is in the height and steepness.

  2. Do you think she would survive in the washing machine? I really like that you just expored instead of going on set routes, things are better that way

    • I don’t think so 😦 Her mane would be ruined. I’ve been attempting to wipe her surface down with wet wipes. The burnt smell from being in the heat and sun have dissipated but I’m not risking it anymore. There are times when exploring is fine depending on the terrain. But there are some places you do not want to get lost in because there’s a possibility of not finding your way back.

      • I took spot from superted as a cuddly toy once, where there were gangster types, we all sat around and drank, they were hooligans ex armed robbery all that kind of thing, it was around christmas. Some guy robbed a bus in exeter by taking it at night and driving it along the usual bus route then ditching it the other day. I thought this was quite clever as people would subconciously expect a bus to be going along its route as they do so very often, so it would be initially unoticed in there perception

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