85 ~ the Last Legacy

I want to pour riches into your heart

Fill the cracks with rainbows and gold

Summon the light to move your darkness

Banish them to a place untold

I want to see constellations in your eyes

Find laughter in the corner of lips

Your happiness is the question

That I’ll spend my life answering it

I won’t ruin your for other women

Only time will prove this true

But darling, if I’m doing this right

They’ll be nobody after you

23 thoughts on “85 ~ the Last Legacy

  1. What an interesting song….love the lead in. Lots of power in that repetition…and they have a lot of screaming grunt,later on I mean..The God thing is a bit weird all the same.

    • I am glad it evokes that feeling – it does for me at least, when I wrote it and read it to myself. Being single sometimes gets lonely, but I know I am better off alone than with someone not fit for the relationship. Until then… I still burn the little flame of hope alive.

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