81 ~ Wildwood Regional Park

083A cave, a teepee & waterfall all within 3 miles of each other. ♥


We were supposed to do this trail last week but it was closed due to high wind advisories. Kinda glad that happened because Vasquez Rocks was amazing, and it also rained this week which meant the waterfall would be a bit better. I haven’t seen any cool waterfalls this year yet.


First stop – the teepee. It was pretty darn nifty.


Second stop – the waterfall. It was, meh. Not sure how tall it is because the websites I looked at ranged it from 40 to 70 ft. Even though it rained a few days ago, the waterfall was unimpressive.


This cool mini waterfall off the beaten path with its’ concrete stairs and walls made up for it though. ^_^


Our last stop was awesome. It’s a cave and you can crawl through the top of it. Only gross thing was all the rat droppings. I’m starting to think I have a thing for caves, like some cave troll, lol.


I’m surprised this park wasn’t busier, but I’m happy about that because we got to enjoy nature without the crowd. I think it was just really cold that morning so people were getting up later. We got there at 7:30 a.m. and we all had to wear sweaters. But the parking lot was super full after we got back.

Until the next adventure!…


21 thoughts on “81 ~ Wildwood Regional Park

      • Whoa! Ever heard of the Chumash Scorpion Tree? It sounds like the Piasa Bird in Illinois. If there was a connection it would be cool.

        • Nope, but I looked both up. Seems as if the Chumash primarily lived on the west coast and called the Pacific Ocean their home. The Illiniwek were further away, occupying the Mississippi River valley. There could be a connection but a lot of the history is lost. I know more about the Chumash because there is a cave I want to go to that is rumored to have been the home of a powerful Chumash shaman. It is called Cave of Munits. There is a connecting trail to Kas’elew (Castle Peak), a ceremonial place used by priests and astronomers during winter and summer solstice ceremonies. I plan on visiting both very soon.

          • That is really cool. I just noticed it and wasn’t sure. I know my tribe went as far as Vancouver and south to Texas. Maybe, as trade is concerned these were more totems for protecting trade routes from other tribes. That’s really neat what you’re doing there in CA.

  1. I think you just might be turning into a cave troll! 🙂 I like the pictures of you looking into the cave! I don’t think I’d want to go in a cave, not one with a small entrance – it’s the thought of spiders and rats – oh, and snakes even. Do you get many snakes where you are, or on these trails?

    The teepee looks really interesting, reminds me of a ceremonial place though with the stone seats round the edge (a little scary thought!) or maybe it’s used for music events?

    • Jp and I joke about it:

      When she takes a picture I’ll creepily say, “my precious.” Only works if you love Lord of the Rings as much as we do, haha.

      The entrance to this one was big. It was climbing out to the top that was small and where Jp took a picture of me and my oldest brother. I’ve only seen a snake once and that was years ago. I’m surprised I haven’t seen one in the past 17 trips, or I just really wasn’t paying attention. 😯

      The teepee was built in remembrance of the Chumash tribe that used to occupy the land here years ago. Now it’s used as a place of rest or a picnic area. 🙂

      • Haha!! 😆 My brother and I have a long running Golem joke too! Our favourite one is the ‘she’ he keeps mentioning every so often. She? What she? Oh dear, he really is nuts! And the ring – I think just about everyone into the Lord of the Rings has a ring joke. Our favourite ring scene was this bit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZautQ0yhm4 we think this is an underlying problem in a number of crazy bitches of the human world as well! 😉

        Interesting about the teepee, so a unique place to have a picnic! 🙂

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