79 ~ Favorite Shots

20131012_070942 copy

Catching sunrises in the mirror.


Watching clouds play on top of mountains. Looks like it’s smoking, huh?


Finally getting the shot of LA through all the smog.


This one is for Goldfish. We took a picture of similar things while being thousands of miles apart. β™₯

I have a bazillion more photos to post but I’m too sleepy to do so. ^_^

Shower & then sleepy kitty time! xoxo

14 thoughts on “79 ~ Favorite Shots

  1. You always take good pictures Britt – of yourself too! πŸ™‚ What I love about these is they are all so totally different – different always makes photography much more interesting. When I’ve arrived on a new photography blog, I always have a good look down their archive, before I decide to follow because some people are great at taking one or two shots, and then they repeat that over and over. Kind of gets a bit brain numbing after a while, I like variety. I think my favourite one is the sunlight in the car wing mirror, that’s very striking! πŸ™‚

    • Different does make photography more interesting, and I wanted to capture them in the way I perceived the view… not just a standard shot, but a way to share my experience. My favorite is definitely the sunrise in the mirror. I was in awe of it all morning, but every time the car turned I’d lose my chance to shoot it. But the persistence definitely paid off. πŸ˜›

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