75 ~ It’s All in the Details

kittyarmyMy little Halloween army. I think Jp ordered one more for me and they were given to me today as a surprise gift. I love them, especially the zombie ones. ♥


This post is a little rushed because well… I don’t have much time til it hits midnight and I still have to plan my hike for tomorrow so I’m leaving you guys with pictures of little cute things from this past week.


I commented to my co-worker how I wanted this “pretty princess” which is actually Glinda the Good Witch from Oz, but I couldn’t find her in the store, so she simply said, “here, please take mine.” Not all my co-workers are thieves. Some are really, really kind to me.


One day I was talking about animals and how I love fuzzy things while in the break room, then one of my co-workers placed this Lion Bookmark on my desk when I got back. xx


Isn’t this tissue box adorable?! Adds some more fun and color to my desk and when my nose starts to run. >_<


And my zombie shirt finally arrived! UK sizes sure are a lot smaller than US ones, haha. Glad I got a size up and I cannot wait for Halloween Horror night!!

Good night & dream sweet everyone.


6 thoughts on “75 ~ It’s All in the Details

  1. I love your Glinda the good good witch! I don’t remember anything like that in the 70’s when I was into the Wizard Of OZ – what a deprived child I was! 😉 I’m amazed that film is still so ‘popular’!! My Dad was 13 when that technicolour dream film came out, he said there was so much excitement in his village in Ireland for months before the film arrived – and if he was still alive he’d be in his 80’s now! Amazing that one story can captivate so many generations, and inspire little plastic toys! 😀

    I love your box of tissues! I don’t think I’ve seen any Halloween tissues in the UK. Is that in case a party is a disaster and everyone needs a good cry!! 😀

    • They have such cute and wonderful toys now, and the Wizard of Oz will always be a popular classic. 😉

      Yes! Well, usually girls night involves a bit of crying unfortunately. Usually because some boy did something stupid, so my friends are always welcome here, like a safe sanctuary where we talk and cry and laugh. 😀

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