68 ~ In the Eye of the Beholder


I never took notice of the sky so much until I started getting in touch with nature this year.


Or took notice of my surroundings. Here’s a light structure at the mall I walk around in every day – not for shopping purposes, but it’s across the street from my workplace so I take walking breaks here. šŸ™‚


This bear makes me laugh every time. He’s so cute! And I always want to run up and stick a finger in his mouth, lol.


I see this view every day. That crane is not going anywhere. I swear that building is never going to be finished!


These trees are at the mall too. They are incredibly girly and beautiful.


Jp and I were trying to read what they were trying to write in the sky. They wrote it all backwards. Advertisement Fail.

One can focus on all the ugly and wrong things going on in this world, but why? You can find so much beauty and silly things around you if you just open your eyes. ā™„

25 thoughts on “68 ~ In the Eye of the Beholder

  1. Excellent post, I really like what you say about taking notice of your surroundings. I lived in a city called Newcastle Upon Tyne for 28 years until I moved away for work, when I went back home to visit I had “tourist eyes” and was staggered by all the beautiful architecture, the same beautiful architecture that for 28 years I never really noticed. Now I try my best to have “tourist eyes” constantly.
    Thank you for your inspiring post,

  2. These are great photos.
    It’s actually a scientifically proven fact that most human beings don’t look up unless they hear something or something catches their eye. Animals look up more than we do because they know the sky carries predators. I ALWAYS look up and people think it’s creepy. I love the fact that I can see so many constellations over my house and in the neighborhood in general on a clear night. I can see the moon come up, and later on Venus pops up. I’ve seen Pisces every year since I’ve been here, as well as Scorpio, and many others that I don’t usually pay much attention to unless the sky is perfectly clear and every single thing stands out. I’ve never paid a lot of attention to the Big Dipper or the Little Dipper, but I always look at the stars, the moon, and whatever planets are visible. I get to see Mars, Venus, and Neptune a lot. That’s one of the best things about where I live, for me.

    • Thank you Lisa. We can’t see many constellations here due to all types of light pollution and smog, and I love that you have been able to see so much where you are. Whenever I used to visit the high desert, that is where I would lay out on the trampoline at my exes and just stare up at the sky. It’s such a drastic change from the city.

  3. This is so true. There is so much beauty everywhere. We just need to look around with a positive attitude in order to find it. Love those “girly” trees and the cute Halloween bear. He needs a kiss and a pat on the head. šŸ˜€

    • Positive attitude is a requirement for sure. And he does! They have him out in front of this chocolate store, and there are days when I just want to cuddle him or steal him away for my weekly adventures! lol.

  4. Love the post…..but, trees are not girly…..they are just beautiful. I love pink flowers….and while I have girly aspects (you know this), the love for flowers, and pink flowers is not one of those…I just love them. And looking up….yea, you are right. Looking up….I do it sometimes. I tend to look downwards, but then catch myself, and look forward, and then up I love the skies.,….as you do too. Love your new main pic too by the way. Brit the most formidable person, walking to infinity….

    • I forget that it’s not just girls who find them beautiful, not many men I know would find pink trees anything but just another tree… except for you of course. Up, down, or anywhere around… I’ve started to catch myself doing it quite often nowadays. And what new main picture John?

  5. That is so true, about not seeing things that you walk by everyday. I’ve been doing a lot more of this recently, and it’s shocking how little we look up. There’s a road I’ve been walking down for over 20 years now, and I only noticed this summer by making a concious effort to look up and around me, that on the flat roof of this old Victorian building (which is now a nightclub) has a little table with two chairs on the top – amazing view of the road and beyond I would imagine. I’d love to go up there and take some unique city view photos! And I didn’t ever notice how ornate and pretty the front of the building at roof level was – how sad, a beautiful white building ignored, because we are all too busy to look up and around us!

    I love your clouds! šŸ™‚ I think you have some gorgeous clouds in the US compared to the UK! I’ve noticed on some You Tube videos recently that a lot of those white fluffy clouds, there seems to be more layers of them, and some appear to be a lot lower down than ours ever become. So it creates a kind of a 3D effect in the sky – very dramatic. We get white fluffy cloud days, but they don’t seem to come down so l low.

    And the tree with the pink flowers – just lovely, especially in Autumn! And was that the Wicked Witch of the West getting that message all wrong!? šŸ˜†

    • You should go up there Suzy! I’d like to see the view from your view up top. ^_^

      I would have thought our skies would look similar. šŸ˜Æ And the clouds do come down very low, I have a few photos of them in my archives.

      LOL @ the wicked witch message šŸ˜† Guess she didn’t get the memo.

      • No, it certainly failed to reach her!! šŸ˜‰

        I had a conversation with my brother about the clouds today – he agreed, and gave me a kind of a scientific explanation as to why, but I can’t remember a thing he said now – it’s been a lovely day, but a long one!! šŸ˜€ I’ll have too ask him again. Those clouds are definitely different – ours are plain and yours are glamorous!! šŸ˜€

          • The answer to the clouds being different is to do with the fact that where you are you have a massive area of land, and in the UK we have a massive area of sea compared to the size of the land (we’re on a little speck!) Clouds are formed by cold and warm air clashing together. A bit like if you put a cup of fairly hot water in the fridge or freezer you would get a kind of cloud forming – but not really of course, just steam! Because you have more land, there is more hot and cold air colliding between sea and land, and so you get far more layers of clouds than we do, which is why they appear so low (they are constantly forming.) A lot of our cloud is very high because most of it would have formed before it reached the UK and it’s travelled up a lot higher, and because we are on a that little speck – there isn’t as much hot air from the land to clash with the cold air, so not so many new low clouds forming over our land.

            I hope I’ve got this right. I did ask him to explain it several times the other day, to make sure I got it fairly accurate. So yes, your clouds are glamorous big fluffy low hanging clouds and ours are not! šŸ˜€

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