59 ~ Saturday’s Hike

161Come away with me. ♥


This is the second time Jp and I have done this trail called Bridge to Nowhere. The first time was horrible – we were out of shape back then in July and it was during the summer months so we decided to return and see if we could tackle it. It was our first official long hike (10 miles), and we had Jennifer and Jimmy as our guide. They were going hella fast.


Since we were doing this on our own time now, we were able to just relax and explore.


This trail has everything; from rivers to beautiful lush greens, paved paths and you can even do a bit of rock scrambling. No caves though which is a bummer, and you know I love me some caves! lol.


This is one of my favorite photos. A boy scout was skipping rocks on the water which created the ripple in the shot. The trail leader reprimanded the boy, telling him to stop because someone was crossing. It was cute how they were being taught to be respectful and mindful of others.


A few people along the trail asked us if we reached the bridge on our return – we told them, “yes. This is our second time.” To which they replied, “wow. This is our 8th and we’ve never made it. Always turned around.” I love hiking, people who appreciate nature are usually kinder. We conversed with a few folks, saw a tarantula, and one older gentlemen said that he really liked how we were getting up early to hike and that more people should do so. I agree.

This time we weren’t huffing and puffing and praying to see the parking lot. Yesterday we realized how far we’ve come along on our health and fitness. It was an amazing day and you can tell from my face once we reached the car, that we were positively glowing. ♥

I hope you guys are all having a lovely weekend.

Much Love,

13 thoughts on “59 ~ Saturday’s Hike

  1. You are certainly keeping really fit doing this – positively glowing sounds great!! 😀 And I’m sure that little boy was just meant to be there to create those ripples for your picture – picture effects! I love the blue tone to some of these photographs, goes so well with water scenes.

    So you reached The Bridge To Nowhere! Did you reach it last time, I thought you did, but I’m wondering if I imagined it now. It’s good that the weather is cooler for you – nothing worse than a tropical atmosphere to do a hike in. Although I think there are some people who like that exhausting sweat through steep rainforests – mad – completely mad!!! 😆

    • Trying to keep fit Suzy, but the weather is getting colder so I may not be able to take weekly adventures soon. 😦

      Yup, reached it the first time. 😀 The weather was very pleasant – summer was horrendous and I thought I was going to pass out at some points, lol.

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