58 ~ Wide Open Spaces

125To find peace and beauty is a state of mind. ♥


I’m glad we went on the hike last Saturday. I turned around to Jp and said, “it’s so beautiful here. Makes me almost forget how ugly some people can be.”


The clouds were being playful that day. They were actually moving quite fast like soft spun cotton candy. ^_^


The air was so fresh and you can smell all the plants and flowers.


How gorgeous is this little spot? ♥


We dubbed this one, the Lord of the Rings tree. 😆


Just some peaceful photographs to jump start the Monday. Can’t wait for it to be Saturday again. 😀

10 thoughts on “58 ~ Wide Open Spaces

  1. I love the photos that you post. You two ladies should publish a calendar, or self-publish a book of photographs.

    • Aww, thank you! That would be a lovely idea. Jp and I were talking about taking up photography as a hobby while we were hiking the other day, but agreed it would be really expensive. Some day though. 😉

      Good morning, and happy Monday. x

  2. Definitely beautiful photos. Every Saurday you go hiking to these places? You´re lucky. Need you to tell me where you find them, but I need a guide in case I get lost.

  3. Haha – Lord of the Rings tree!! 😀 I’m having trouble remembering now, long time since I’ve seen those movies, but I think there was a tree like that in there at some point, can you remember what scene?

    And it does look really beautiful! Funny how valley’s and mountains are often spiritually made reference to in our human sufferings – all those ups and downs, and yet we look at them and see how beautiful they are in nature. Life would be so much easier if we could stand back and look at our own rough landscape and see it as beautiful, but we don’t do we? Well, I don’t, I want to forget all those rough times, and yet they’ve made me a better person!

    So there’s the thought for the day – love your rough bits!!! 😆

    • I can’t remember the scene but I will dub every fascinating tree I see as a LOTR tree, haha.

      That’s a lovely thought Suzy. And the rough times do make us better if we chose it. Some break down or worsen from them.

      Rough bits 😆

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