56 ~ Friends and Poetry

So this is the poem Lindsay sent to me awhile back that inspired my poem for her called the Song of the Sparrow.


I am very blessed to have such amazing friends in my life. Jp and Lindsay have been my rock through many things and I know I have a problem with showing affection or appreciation at times, but I’m trying. I have my odd way of doing things.

These past few days have been a whirl wind. I just need to get some decent sleep.

Have a good night lovies & dream sweet.


2 thoughts on “56 ~ Friends and Poetry

  1. Ah – that’s a sweet encouraging poem! 🙂 And this was from her to you – in a text!!? I’ve never tried writing poetry by text. But it’s a lovely thought, that a friend would send you a text poem to cheer your day. And other things – unicorns – minions – and how Fred could die! I remember those little plastic men! 😉

    What about a minion riding a unicorn? Obviously you’ll need a small minion, and a large unicorn, preferably pink and fluffy! It’s beginning to sound like a recipe!!:D

    • Yup, via text. We were both at work and she wanted to reach out to me and support me through a rough time. haha! Yes, along with the other shenanigans we text each other. She still does, and I need more toys for my notes to her.

      Sounds like an awesome recipe. 😉

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