52 ~ the After Thoughts

Separating head from heart
Not knowing which will win
Trying to keep the balance
Or let it destroy me from within

I saw the glimmer of hope
Twinkle like stars against the sky
The moon inside me shifts
As you look into my eyes

When survival is an instinct
Show me what I can’t understand
The love of a boy
Compared to that of a man


*Still going through the photographs from yesterday’s hike so today, I’m just releasing some thoughts. The picture above is from Mt. Rubidoux. After my night hike at the duck pond, I wanted Jp to experience our hike during dusk. It becomes a different world when you Adventure Time at sunset than it is early in the morning like we are accustomed to.

Good morning and happy Sunday my lovies. xoxo

13 thoughts on “52 ~ the After Thoughts

  1. Mm.. it’s a difficult thing separating the head from the heart, I have that problem too! 🙂 It can all get so mixed up sometimes, you wonder where you’re going, and how you got yourself where you are. Why can’t we just have a heart with a brain in it, and then we could do both and keep it all nicely in balance! I’m hoping and wishing you all the best Britt, and that the moon and his eyes will compliment each other in a beautiful way!♥ 😉

    • Aww, I love that last part – eloquent and beautiful. ♥ It is difficult to balance the two. People say follow your heart, but my heart makes stupid decisions so then my head takes over and that’s not good either. So I’m trying to find a middle ground. ^_^

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