50 ~ Fifty Shades of Grey

The only time a woman is helpless, is when her nail polish is drying.
50ShadesOther than that, watch out.


Saw that quote online last night and sent it to all my girlfriends, lol. So this was me getting ready for my date last Sunday. Feeling cold and grey – it was a chilly day! Boys say they don’t notice details like eyelashes and nail colors, but they do. πŸ˜‰ β™₯

48 thoughts on “50 ~ Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. A very true quote. I have 5 sisters, three daughter and a mean wife. Keep the distance when the nail are being painted and drying. Thank you for the good quote.

    • So true indeed! Johncoyote, you have a “mean wife”? So sorry that you have to put up with that. Hope things get better for you.

    • You’re surrounded by a lot of estrogen John! And yes, you must keep your distance when the nails are being painted and drying. πŸ˜‰ I think that should be inserted somewhere in the men/women interaction handbook. πŸ˜†

      • LMAO! I have about a hundred bottles of nail polish, maybe a bit more (I still think some of it went missing when I moved, or that maybe I haven’t located all of it just yet.). I got four more for my birthday that I have yet to wear or try out in any fashion.

        I’m a make-up junkie as well, but have yet to master false lashes or liquid liner. I don’t really need the lashes, mine touch my brow bone after two coats of mascara. Sometimes I nail liquid liner right away, and other times it’s just too messy and I get annoyed, so I use other lining tricks. I want to get the new liquid pen from Chantecaille because it seems like it’ll work for me and my instability, but that also encourages me to replace my lip gloss from them. I wear two of their colors religiously after seeing them on Angelina Jolie and thinking they were so perfectly neutral. My eye color is just slightly darker than hers, so I choose a lot of my make-up based on what looks good on her because we’re both fair skinned with high cheekbones.

        I think you looked just gorgeous for your date.

        I may be a girly girl in some respects, or even a lot of respects, but I also spent a long time working for athletes, so I’m not very subtle about anything. I occasionally feel bad for the guys that hit my radar. LOL.

        • I have about under 10 colors of nail polish. πŸ˜†

          As for eyeshadow, I think I have over 300. False lashes and liquid liner comes easy to me. Though I do prefer using a wet angled MAC 266 brush dipped in black powder to create the liquid liner look. Much easier to control. πŸ˜‰

          Thank you Lisa. β™₯

          LOL! I don’t feel bad for them. They hit the jackpot if they land on your radar lovie. πŸ˜‰

          • Under ten shades of nail polish is so unthinkable to me that I am considering getting you a support group. LOL.

            I’m probably in the same number range wth eyeshadow too. I won’t even consider the palettes I own and use, because it’s a lot. I’ve been very good this year though, the only thing I’ve replaced has been mascara. I’ve bought nothing new to add to the insanity. I also sold almost all of my sealed lip glosses that were too dark or simply weren’t going to be worn, and the same is true for certain eye shadows as well. I had to get serious with myself.

            If you have the patience, false lashes aren’t difficult, but I’m the world’s most impatient woman and I am pretty sure that even after trimming them, I’d look like a drag queen because my natural lashes do hit my brow bone. I can do things on other people that I can’t do on myself and it does come down to patience. Liquid liner, for me, is something you practice, as opposed to something you do and leave the house without fully mastering. Until I master it, I’ll use what works.

            I do like using brushes to stategically get liner to look exactly the way I want it to look, but when I’m in a hurry, it’s Urban Decay, Bare Minerals, and/or Make Up For Ever liners because I mastered those years ago. I do have one similar to the MAC brush, several in fact, by Smashbox and Bare Minerals. It’s just about having the patience and unless I’m playing, I am not patient. When time is of no concern, I play more. Usually on vacation or when I have no time constraint whatsoever.

            The problem with some people hitting the jackpot is not knowing how to close the deal. I do appreciate the compliment though. I get very few of them in my daily life.

              • At least you know I was joking, most people don’t know how to take me.

                I love Bare Minerals and Urban Decay too, but I’ve been venturing off the beaten path of late and trying to be a little more open to suggestions. I can’t do that with mascara though, because I tried a few that were nightmarish. I went running back to my usual brands and I’m never going to go stray again. LOL.

  2. Just keep the color names you want a man to recognize to a max of 16. Chartreuse, sienna, ecru…these are concepts far too complicated for the simple male brain. When I hear such color names all I feel is a WHOOSH as all oxygen leaves the room and the woman’s voice turns into a muted trumpet.

    • LOL! I’m not that vested in colors. I don’t even have that many. Mainly blues, pinks, a yellow and a grey. Simple really. I don’t have the patience for my nails to dry – I end up messing up half of it because I can’t sit still. And my guy was like… I don’t notice nail colors cuz I’m a dude. Uh-huh. He noticed all right and asked me what color because to him it was like a bluish grey. Haha! But your comment made me laugh because I’m sure many men feel this way too.

      • Guys always notice beauty and you don’t need make up and nail polish you are naturally stunning just be you no embellishment required but if it makes you happy then cool. I tell my 20 year old this.

        • What happened to being able to just express oneself? It is a rhetorical question to which I do not want an answer to, but I believe that everyone is free to express themselves in a way that they see fit and makes them happy. Taking men out of the equation, why can’t we as women just support each other… I just find that baffling in some aspects.

  3. Sorry I didn’t mean that as a criticism or attack of course we are free to express ourselves. I was just making the point that there is a lot of pressure on us women to look good and the implied message in ads is to attract men. It is a general point not directed at you. I didn’t mean to offend or upset you.

    • On my blog, I feel that women here are able to express themselves and feel empowered to do what they feel best for them. Whether it is a monthly facial or weekend manicure. Screw what society thinks. A nail color does not define a woman nor the extension of her lashes. I understand there is a lot of pressure, but I also do support free expression without judgement. And maybe you have not read my blog enough to see my standpoint but I do have a strong voice when it comes to acceptance or lack of it due to difference.

  4. Nice color, I think guys notice not always for the superficial beauty. Gender biases tend to dictate acceptable actions during dating and further in relationships. JJ Gibson coined the word “affordance.” Its the simplified actions based on a signal which describes dating well at least to me. Real beauty tends to create a Stendhal affect on men which should always be followed up with a compliment. Aesthetics, are nice.

  5. What a dialogue chain….wow. Yes it is a lovely pic. Just came off “I am not anastasia” blog….and Astraltravler had just commented, and she is Anastasia….well…then here I am here, again with Anastasia. No, it is you Brit. Love this of course, you are just, well, lovely. But I think other people said that already – they are just not as silly as me….:)

      • It is a lovely picture….some pictures of you are very striking. And I know, you have forgiven it in me many times….and I love that in you!

    • I always LOL when I hear this because some do but think it isn’t acceptable so they’re just like, “I’m a dude, we don’t notice these things.” But yes, boys will be boys. πŸ˜‰ And thank you.

  6. I think that quote has a great deal of truth to it, I remember that drying time well!! πŸ˜† I don’t do the nail thing any more, just too much fuss, fuss, fuss! The stress of painting it on, the drying, and the smell – ooooh the smell!! 😑 Then there’s the broken nail emergencies to look forward to! I do everything else, just leave the nails well alone, keep them nice, but short!

    Whether a man notices or not probably depends on the man. Some notice and like it, others notice but don’t like it (and keep that to themselves until you’re a real couple – and then moan like hell about it!) And some don’t see it at all. Those worry me the most, because it’s often a sign that they don’t notice much – about anything in this world. And don’t care much about anything – or you even (watch out for those!!) Sorry, I probably sound like I’m your Mum with that advice!! But I’ve been observing these things for a long time, and those little behaviour patterns really do matter over time, but not always in the way that we may first think. But I’m sure you know that already – you’ve been there. So I’ll shut up now, and move on to the next post!! πŸ˜€

    • I buy this polish that says “dries in a New York minute.” So it takes a minute or two but I STILL manage to fidget and mess up my nails. *smh*

      Oh no Suzy, I think you’re on to something there. Hadn’t thought of it that way before, but it has been noted. Thank you. πŸ˜‰

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