46 ~ Restitch

When every thought is a battle

Each breath I take fuels a war

I’ll rip out and burn this heart of mine

Because I don’t want it anymore

When Cupid becomes the devil

Riding, on an all out shooting spree

Blinded by shiny objects of hope

Ignorant of the AK-47’s pointing at me

My instincts told me to run

But he held my hand to stay

Said we should fight these battles together

And then he ran away.



33 thoughts on “46 ~ Restitch

  1. Yes, love sucks, but we can’t hide from it. You deserve the best, fairy, just, don’t close your heart, but don’t open it too early. Expectations kill us. Much love, little foxy. Hugs.

  2. Brit….that is a heart you drew on your chest? Or bullets….sorry. just being stupid…red, maybe use red, colour it in.

    Ah dear Britt, I did not come here to say that…I am sorry things are playing out like that. It was strange, yesterday I was in Sydney, and just for a moment, I thought, my God, that is Brit! But then I thought, no John, it isn’t…anyway, just had to say, I thought of you. Take care my friend.

  3. my dearest Britt,
    I am so very sorry to hear such dreadful news. I simply cannot fathom the level of cognitive dysfunction anyone would have to posses to forsake you. You and I have had some time to talk and get to know each others natures a bit more intimately, I I can say with out any doubt that you are by far my most favorite person on the internet that I speak to. You show compassion, you show strength, you show intelligence , and you show personality. You are all these important things and on top of it are a breathtaking display of beauty. There is no other human I know who would be a more perfect candidate to have as a companion thru this abhorrently vicious and draining world. For someone to even spend a passing thought pondering if there was “more” to gain elsewhere is a moment of both insanity and futility. Do not renounce love just yet my dear, not yet….. fate could not leave you without a perfect lover much longer….whether thru some deity’s will or thru evolutionary natural selection…someone of your incredible character HAS TO be delivered into the embrace of one who is worthy of the miraculous honor of being your soul mate. Chin up my dear Britt, look forward and shine that gorgeous smile to light up our worlds.

    truly yours,

    • Oh dear J, if only people were as kind in my part of the world as they are on WordPress. Thank you for always being there for me and for your uplifting words. There is no better pen pal and wolf pack partner that I cherish more than you. We’ll see what the future holds, as for now I’m just taking it one day at a time and trying to keep the small fire of faith alive that love really does exist and that I may see it again some day. Many *hugs* my friend, and I hope life is treating you well. ♥

  4. Oh no! 😦 This is not good – another one backing away? It is hard this love thing – it shouldn’t be, but our minds our so vulnerable sometimes, can cause feelings to switch on and off. Maybe he is having the same problem as you in letting someone in? But on the other hand, some people can be very fake, and be extremely good at hiding it! I’m sure you know which of these it is by now.

    Life is a bit like Groundhog Day sometimes – we get up, and do it, and do it, and do it – all over again! Lets hope you find an end to that repeat cycle very soon! 🙂

    • I thought he was backing away as well, but it was a misunderstanding between us. And this whole love thing is very hard. We haven’t gotten to the “L” word yet, but emotions are running pretty high and volatile right now.

      I was born on Groundhogs day! Feb 2. 😉 I hope the cycle stops. I’m getting pretty tired of it.

      • You were born on Groundhog Day!! 😯 Is that lucky or unlucky – I’m not sure!? I think we are all caught in those endless cycles, but I suppose like he did in the film, we have to just keep adjusting things until we find ourselves in the right place. At least that’s the theory anyway…..

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