44 ~ Franklin Canyon

034The view of the lake. ♥


So I finally had a chance to hike this place with Jp. The first time, I was taken here during sunset in this post. I didn’t see many duckies then, but I sure saw them in the pond on Sunday.


And turtles, and fish!


These photos are taken with the new camera my brother got me – it’s a Sony, but I prefer Jp’s Canon. It’s too late to return it now because I scratched it up trying to get to the bottom of the lake. And I scratched my leg pretty bad too.


The last thing I saw before I fell, lol. Out of ALL the dangerous places I’ve hiked so far, I’ve never injured or hurt myself, but one day at the duck pond was all it took. Oh, the irony. 😆


But I ended up getting this pretty cool shot after I dusted myself off. ^_^


I caught this mini rainbow from a sprinkler on the way back to the car. Made me think of Suzy since she commented about rainbows recently. I tend to think of my fellow WP peeps on occasion when I’m out and about. 😉

18 thoughts on “44 ~ Franklin Canyon

  1. Hope you’re ok. These are excellent photos. 🙂 My old camera was a Sony, the new one is a Samsung. They’re both good quality, but the new one is HD, so it does take better photos overall.

    • This one has higher specs than the Canon, but I guess I’m just so used to using the other one. I think I’ll like it more when I start learning to use it better. HD? That’s spiffy. ^_^

      And I’m doing all right. It just burns a little when I shower when the water brushes against the cuts/scrapes in my leg.

  2. Oh those wonderful cotton ball clouds – I’m very jealous! 🙂 Your pictures look lovely – so what is it you don’t like about the camera, the picture quality or the way it functions?

    I love the way the ducks and turtles share the tree, an unusual combination to hang out together! 🙂

    So you finally fell over – well at least you weren’t on rocks this time, that’s something to be thankful for! So how far did you fall? Yes, a little embarrassing, but surely provided the ducks with a laugh! Or did they just pretend they didn’t see you lose your balance? 😉

    Aahh – a rainbow, and it made you think of me – how really sweet of you Britt!! 😀 I do love rainbows, and it’s great when you get one on ground level. I think I’ve only ever seen one of those before. It also looks suspiciously like an apparition – a rainbow ghost! 🙂

    I think of some of my WP friends too sometimes, when I’m out and about. I’ve never had friends like that before, and it’s funny how some of them go with me sometimes (in my mind!) I saw a young woman in my local supermarket a few weeks ago that looked so incredibly like you, I really thought when she got closer I’d find it was, what a silly thought that was! But no, she didn’t look exactly like you when she got closer, but she could have easily passed as a sister to you! That’s hard to imagine isn’t it, other people who look a lot like ourself. Our clones maybe! 😀

    • The way it feels in my hand and the colors that show up when you preview them on the screen.

      So peaceful sharing that tree together, it was adorable!

      Haha yes! Clumsy me. And thankful it was just all sand and no rocks. My boo boo would have been way worse. The fall wasn’t very long, but there were witnesses and I think I hurt my pride just a little bit more than anything else. 😆

      We were discussing clouds and you said something about it’s almost as exciting as a rainbow for you. We haven’t got much rain over here or rainbows so this was the closest thing to it, and it was just wonderful the way it plays against the cars. And yes! It does look like a rainbow ghost.

      John @ Writingthebody said the same thing the other day. He thought he saw someone that resembled me in Australia, but that couldn’t have been true since I am in the US. lol. And Jp said she swore she saw me or someone that looked like me as well. Another guy said he thought he saw me at some concert, but didn’t approach me. Good thing too, because it wasn’t me! lol. I just find that really odd. Hard to imagine so many people looking like me or me looking like them. 😆

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