41 ~ R.I.P. Finn ♥

IMG_1700Lindsay’s baby passed away yesterday. 😦


If you are familiar with Lindsay from My Rabbit Hole Trips, she has become a huge part of my life this year and sadly, Finn went to chinchilla heaven last night. So if guys could do me a huge favor, please visit her page and leave some love. Even if you don’t know her, the pain of loss is something we all can relate to. Any uplifting words or hugs will do, thank you.



13 thoughts on “41 ~ R.I.P. Finn ♥

  1. So sorry to hear of this..I lost my dog, my greatest buddy some months back…Still miss him everyday..But I now call him “My Guy in the Sky” I know he’s still looking out for me somehow…Our furry friends are irreplaceable…Just know you gave him a great life…Anyways sorry to hear again..

      • I know, I remember you posting dedications to him. Anyone who loves animals or have lost one has an impact on me. And it’s ok, I guess it’s strange I’m talking about someone elses pet on my blog, but she is a very close friend of mine and she came home from work and he wasn’t moving. And I wasn’t able to be there for her since I’m thousands of miles away. Thank you for your kind words and I’ll send her your regards.

        • It’s an amazing act by you..Were all connected we just don’t know it….And if we knew it and knew it begins with love we’d be a lot better a world…You seem to know..I will go to her blog too…

          • I think that if we all take a moment to take our blinders off we definitely are connected in some way or another. Love, it is not just a simple four letter word, it is principle we should live by. More love and less war – life is hard enough it is. We should use our arms to uplift one another instead of fighting one another and our differences. In the end, we are the same race; the human one.

            • Well said…I could not have said better….Just keep playing your part…We all have one in this..And we need every one of us to make this life go…Every life, every breathe, is important…All equal, I love that… ‘the human one’

  2. Oh – that’s sad, a bit of a shock too! The connections with pets is as close as with humans, at least to me it is anyway, takes some time to get over it. Not everyone understands that. 😦

    • Yes, not everyone understands that. They are our best friends, children even. Just sad I recently made a post on the baby’s and now… one of them is gone. And we were discussing how Hawk and Finn got along even though they were different, and how we wished people would do the same. 😦

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