40 ~ Floodgate

Place your hand over my heart

Mirror the blood pumping

Take a deep breath, love

Inhale the soft sweet humming

Feel your chest expand

As I teach you how to breathe

Let the flood come, baby

At heights you wouldn’t believe

When the butterflies pour in

Fluttering in magnificent display

Press your lips to mine, hunnie

And I’ll take your breath away

20131121_232446 copy

17 thoughts on “40 ~ Floodgate

  1. How powerful! This one is super emotional, Britt! Loved the expression and the image. Can just imagine a hand, placed on the heart, two people uniting into one…

  2. great images throughout. I was taken in with the butterflies fluttering. though one can see it from the actual butterflies, but in another direction one could see it as butterflies one might get from a little bit of nervousness when something good is about to happen, but yet an unsureness hovers within. just a take britt.

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