39 ~ Camouflage

Can you see me baby

I’m hiding in plain view

Did you feel the shiver

Of cold hands touching you

I kept up the charade

To see what I would find

Didn’t have to dirty my hands

With my army on the line

They can change their colors

Paint themselves in rainbow hues

Guns are locked and loaded

All barrels pointing at you




You took the bait and lost the queen.

Game Over.

45 thoughts on “39 ~ Camouflage

  1. I must say I think you might shop around for a sturdier holster haha, not that your knickers aren’t nice but I doubt they will hold that 9mm for long!

  2. I saw this a day ago and then the post that came before it today. I am glad for two things. The first thing I’m glad for is that you have friends that watch your back in this manner. You are lucky, or better yet it says a lot about you Britt that you have such people willingly doing this for you.

    And second, that picture is smoking hot. And only part of that boy’s loss. You take care now. πŸ™‚

    • I am lucky for that, but seems as if I’m quite unlucky in relationships. Probably the world trying to balance some order.

      Thank you Matthew. Hoping he feels that loss, but some people are just seriously messed up…

  3. I love the poem, and I love the pictureβ™₯ ( I remember one of you like that before) but it sounds like bad news? I hope everything hasn’t gone wrong, but I’m getting the feeling it has. Honesty is hard to find, and I don’t think it’s a modern day thing either. Dishonesty and spinning webs of lies is an age old habit, pity it can’t just be deleted! 😦

    • It is part of a set of photographs and I think I posted something similar earlier this year. Yes, bad news indeed. I just don’t understand all the lying and deceit. So much easier to be honest but many choose to complicate things by hiding stuff. I am probably one of the most non-judgemental and understanding individuals one could meet. If he had a problem and was honest about it, I would have been more than willing to work things out.

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