33 ~ Color Me In

I set a box of colors in front of you.

24 shades of rainbow hues of my own collection. 21 chances to color our lives.

But no matter how much I caressed your skin in dye, the beautiful colors wouldn’t take.

I set a box of colors in front of you.

24 shades of love I wanted to show you. 21 ways I knew how to prove it.

But my heart wasn’t what you were after, and no amount of polish could cover your filth.

I set a box of colors in front of you.

24 shades of promises you’ve broken. 21 days was all it took.

But my eyes are still shining, and your heart will forever be stained in memories of me.



*So I decided to try this crayon art I’ve been seeing the web. Bad idea. I think I got more crayon on my door, floor and sink than I did on the piece of cardstock, haha! 😦 Spent most of last night cleaning up my mess.

Happy Friday my lovies! xx

30 thoughts on “33 ~ Color Me In

  1. You can’t colour some people, it just doesn’t work. Best leave them to their black and white world. 😦

    It’s funny you should put this crayon art and poem up because I came across an animated gif on a Tumblr blog yesterday that was exactly this – melting crayons – over and over, and no mess! 😉 Melted crayons all over a door is an alarming thought!! 😯

    • I didn’t know his world was so dark. I always want to spread of bit of sunshine and color to whoever enters my life, but his horrid coating was so thick – the colors would bounce off.

      It’s hard to control the air for the blow-dryer for me and it was my first time. Didn’t even notice the crayons had sprayed all over until I turned around. 😆 May do this again in the future but lay more newspaper down or watch some tutorial videos or something.

    • I won’t unless he tries to approach me. He’s a bit on the violent side himself so it’s more for protection than anything else. If the records for his arrest are true, then he has a history of abusing his significant other.

  2. Ouch….my goodness, and I am sure yea, he was that bad. Like Charron, l liked this a lot….so, put those crayons away….and don’t stab the man….just get a better one! xx

  3. Oh, you won’t need the largest crayon in the box because I would have already stabbed him repeatedly. Can’t say that I would use a crayon though 😉

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