31 ~ Once Upon a Time

rainbow… there was a girl that believed in love.
Now she’s chasing unicorns and rainbows.


Jp came over today so we could go hiking. We never made it outside. Instead, we spent four hours on the couch joking about our failed relationships until our sides and throats were hurting from all the laughter. And then we saw this little rainbow on the wall. An odd place for it to show but it was beautiful.

Recently I have been criticized for believing in love, chivalry, romance and monogamy. I can go over the debates but I stand firm in my decision. I remain hopeful because if someone like me exists with that mentality, there has to be another soul out there that believes in it too.

And I won’t stop dreaming until it becomes a reality.

26 thoughts on “31 ~ Once Upon a Time

    • Some folks here on WordPress. I respect people’s opinions, but I don’t need a reality check. I get it, lots of people cheat or have open relationships and I have nothing against what others do as long as it doesn’t affect me. But don’t tell me to go to Antarctica to find my penguin because genuine, romantic, guys don’t exist. Or that people weren’t made to be monogamous and that I’m only kidding myself if I believe or have faith in finding someone with a pure heart.

      I get it, it’s rare or it doesn’t exist to some. And I can be pegged as the stupid little girl that believes in love like it’s some fairytale, but my dreams are big and I won’t stop fighting for what I believe in.

      • Ok, now I’m PISSED. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, but come the fuck on!!

        You have every right in the world to the feel strongly about monogamy and faithfulness. I feel the same way. Yes, lots of people cheat, but you don’t cheat, I don’t cheat, and I don’t know any other women that have. I know way too many men that have, and only one or two that only did it once and learned from their complete and utter stupidity.

        Genuine, romantic guys DO exist, you just haven’t found the right person. I have friends that have been married to each other for 17 years. Neither has cheated on the other, they adore each other, and they’re extremely open and honest with each other. Granted, they’ve been together a long time and they got married young, but they’ve also gotten through a lot of challenges with making big moves for jobs, etc., and then deciding to have children. Relationships only work properly when both people are on the exact same page at the exact same time. It’s work. However, NO ONE has the right to tell you to go to Antarctica to find a penguin. That’s insulting, rude, and makes me want to slap a fucker.

        Who comes up with shit like “People weren’t made to be monogamous?” That’s ridiculous. It’s an opinion, but it’s not a scientifically proven fact. Until someone can come back to you with scientific evidence, tell them exactly which kite I’d like for them to fly.

        Britt, you are FAR for a stupid little girl. Anyone that would even think that, leave alone verbalize that to you, is not your friend and needs a reality check of their very own. I’d be happy to give it to them.

        You’re a strong woman who isn’t afraid to say “This is what I want. This is NOT what I want. This is a deal-breaker.” That’s how it should be, and any guy that can’t handle that will never be able to appreciate and respect what you have to offer.

        I was always told by my mother to “Dream big, for the dream precedes the goal.” and “NEVER settle in anything. I settled, and look what it got me.”

        Be happy. Worry less about a relationship, take care of you 100%, and the right person WILL come into your life when you least expect it. Always, always treat yourself like a Queen and you will attract the right King.

        Anyone that says otherwise to you, just send them my way. I’ve got an unlubricated size nine to shove up their ass.

        • It definitely is work. I see lots of relationships struggling through it and some people cop out and give in. One person doesn’t give the other person what they need, they find someone on the side or replace them instead of communicating and trying to compromise or find a solution within the boundaries of the relationship.

          As for the penguin comment, the person emailed me to explain and apologize. I guess he saw my comment to you and apparently it was supposed to be taken as a joke to lighten the mood, but things got misconstrued. I’m leaving it alone. He didn’t have to try to explain himself but he did the honorable thing and I respect that.

          People think I am demanding and I am in a sense. I give my best, and I expect the same back. I’m not into half-assed, half-hearted relationships. It’s not 50/50, you either give 100% or leave. I’ll state what I want and need, ask them what theirs are, and we’ll figure out what we’re willing to compromise on and how we can try to maintain a balanced level to keep both parties happy and thriving.

          I’m trying to stay positive, but it’s not just the relationship thing that’s been draining me; friends and family stuff have been happening too so it’s just a combination of everything piled up right now. *hugs* Thank you Lisa. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. 😉

  1. I have always believe in the same. Your blessing will come my sister! Always be true to yourself and make God your first love and your child the next, and ask God for a gift to lift and inspire your heart each day and that individual will come. I have missed your words Britt, just finally getting back to posting but with a new blog here. Hugs, love, and blessings to you always my sister!

  2. Well you will easily find that guy, although it is very important you deal with your anger of other men and life in general first, as I imagine you would let go of a lot of anguish and dispair when he comes as you will find release in the comfort and saftey of his love. If you take it out on him, he may not be that guy for very much longer

    • The way I deal, is I write – hence the blog. It has been the most positive and affective way I’ve dealt with things. Once another guy pops into my life, it’s pretty much a clean slate. As someone once told me, don’t punish a guy for others mistakes, punish him for when he makes his… or something along the lines of that. This is also why I take a long break in between relationships. But I see where you’re coming from because I learned that the hard way years ago.

      • Well girls can be mean too, as I have now learnt. I find if I write enough I will be in an entranced state where I have even less to say to people which makes me even more dissaciated and numb to things that could be important for what ever reason, like people dying or whatever it is this week.

        • Oh, I know they can – I know a few of them. And from what I’ve learned, girls can be way better cheaters than guys since they know how to clean their tracks and have learned to be heartless. Perhaps it is to keep up with the times? I dunno. But I too have written myself into that trance you speak of, so I took a break from that for awhile too.

          • Well I was in some way an easy target. Her trick was that there were very few layers to her deceit so it was harder to put a finger on, she was indeed a heartless girl, still is. I caught her out a few times in the heat of argument, she did not really care about peoples feelings, as long as she is ok then anyone else can burn and go to hell. Foolishly she does not see that if all those who were her friends are in hell, then hell will be all to return to when only lonlyness and what she owns will be her friends

            • How were you an easy target? 😦 Because you wanted to trust her? And there are usually a few layers to people who are deceitful – like an onion. Each layer more potent and can bring you to tears when they start to unravel in front of you. Those kinds of people only think about themselves; they can do no wrong as long as they are getting their way. Like the guy who cheated, I’m sure he was justifying his actions by thinking that since he couldn’t get it from me, he had to look for sex elsewhere so therefore it is my fault. People like that are sick in their mentality but in the end, they are never going to be truly happy. Let hell welcome them.

              • Well I had not really a previous owner, and given the states we would reach I was quite gullable. She would not allow me much of an opnion so we could not have honest conversation. I was greatly appreciative of her as I had not really had a proper sex life before, I was dependant of her affection. Well if there was no sex in a relationship, and it is not a friendship, then there surely is no point. I guess sex is more important to some than others. I have had little else to fulfill my days

                • I agree, but we hadn’t been together for that long. And I should perhaps clarify what kind of sex he was looking for, but it wouldn’t be appropriate to do so here. Sex is important to me in a relationship but so is communication. If he wasn’t happy with where we were at he should have talked to me or simply left. *shrugs*

  3. There are many people that believe as you do (I’m one of them). So don’t stop believing in love because it does exist and any man would be lucky to end up with someone like you. xx

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