30 ~ Break

20131115_101752 copyWhen you’re surrounded by darkness and the clouds obstruct your view,
all it takes it that one moment – when you see hope breaking through.


Walking across the street one day in the middle of my workplace and the mall, I took this random shot with my phone not knowing what would show up because I didn’t want to get run over. I was surprised when I eventually saw what my camera took. Beauty is everywhere, even when you’re not sure where you’re looking. ^_^

11 thoughts on “30 ~ Break

  1. nothing worth having
    comes without some kind of fight
    got to kick at the darkness
    ’til it bleeds daylight
    great old canadian song
    from the 80s

    • These fragile bodies of touch and taste
      This vibrant skin — this hair like lace
      Spirits open to the thrust of grace
      Never a breath you can afford to waste
      Really liking this song, thank you Geo.

And the wind whispers...

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