25 ~ Lay Me Down in Lace

A newborn, a four year old, a woman and a man

“Until death do us part,” a pledge they’d soon understand

Three years instead of six months were what they were given

And created as much beauty amidst the horror they were living

When she was diagnosed with cancer, they all had to make a choice

Her parents were supportive although there was nothing to rejoice

One should never have to bury your child, they’d cry in their heads

But still mustered up the strength to make the arraignments instead

Though one final detail was missing for her ease

And her answer was one, that brought her husband to his knees

“What do you want to be buried in” he whispered by her side

Without hesitation she turned to him and cried

Smiling with tears in her eyes, she wrote down with her pen

“Bury me in my wedding dress, so when you pass, I can marry you again.”

12 thoughts on “25 ~ Lay Me Down in Lace

  1. there is much sadness to this for sure, but your finish to the piece with its incredible imagery really shows how strong love can be. the title here is exceptional. took a listen to the track. never heard of it. pretty good with a dark feel to it and it had a pretty good kick at the end of it.

And the wind whispers...

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